Issue 19

УДК 616.8.

С.Д.Максименко, Е.А.Хаустова

Теоретико-методологический генезис выгорания у медицинских работников

The article represents generalized information on burnout syndrome in medical workers. Predictors and preventers of this state were analyzed, psychosocial risk factors for burnout were ranged; clinic, course and prognosis of burnout for this occupational group were described. In addition, the levels of medical and preventive actions were detected in the management of burnout in medical workers.

Keywords: psychology of stress, occupational stress, the experience as a form of burnout, emotional burnout, health care providers, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management.


УДК 159.923.5


Розвиток особистості педагога в емоційному просторі

The psychological basis of formation of future teacher emotional regulation during the period of study at a higher educational establishment are considered in the article. The peculiarities of teachers’ educational activity have been analyzed. The problem of emotion and personality’s emotional stability are considered. The signs of emotional stability indicators have been analyzed. The main psychological reasons of pedagogical activity blocking and destroying emotional stability have been determined. The results of empiric investigation are presented. The peculiarities of emphatic tendencies and the levels of demonstrating of anxiety indicators, impulsiveness, outer control locus and social desirability of students of pedagogy have been analyzed.

Keywords: emotion, emotional regulation, emotional stability, educator’s empathy.


УДК 159.98:61

І.Ф.Аршава, В.В. Корнієнко, Т.В. Єрошкіна

Особливості формування Я-концепції осіб з фізичними вадами в контексті соціально-психологічної адаптації

The article deals with peculiarities of personal traits among people with physical defects that influence their adaptive resources and formation of «I – concept». Ir was determined that identity and self-esteem are factors that govern the attitude of the subject to objective reality. The studies confirm the necessity to include general method rehabilitation programs for this group of persons, by means of social and psychological rehabilitation and correction, which will harmonize individual persons adolescents with disabilities.

Keywords: personality, physical defects, feeling of inferiority, social adaptation, social and psychological conditions of rehabilitation, harmonious «I – concept».


УДК 159.964


Символическая презентация материнского архетипа в татуировках

The article objectifieds symbolization of the mother archetype in tattoos in its universalized and unique manifestations. Dialogic interaction promotes the recognition of symbols of the mother archetype, acquiring a unique content, which contributes to the objectification of the unconscious. It is proved that in dialogic interaction, archetypal symbolism becomes individuality and emotional content that promotes objectifying the unconscious. Symbolization of the mother archetype in tattoos is one way to replace taboo (repressed, forbidden motive) through compensatory activity of the subject, which explains their interest in tattoos.

Keywords: archetype, Active Socio-Psychological Knowledge method. (ASPK), tattoo, symbol, oedipal relationship.


УДК 159.922


Теоретичні підходи до визначення ідентичності

The article deals with the analysis of the following approaches to the concept of identity, namely: philosophic-psychological, anthropological, psychoanalytical, behavioural, approach of symbolic interactionism, constructive, cognitive, existential-humanistic, philosophic-cultural, social, social-psychological, acmeological. The author reviews the concepts of «identity», «identification», «identifying».

Keywords: identity, theoretical approaches, analysis, identification, identifying.


УДК 159.923.2


Проблема мотивації вибору професії «психолог»

This article reviews the interrelation between social and personal values of students’ choosing the profession of a psychologist . An empirical research of the semantic characteristics of professional self-identity has been performed. The author’s questionnaire of defining the temporal prospect of professionalization process and initial interest in the profession has been used in the research. Based on the results of empirical research prevailing types of identity prospects have been defined in the article.

Keywords: Psychologist, profession, professional identity, pro fessional self identity.


УДК 159.9.07

І.М.Бушай, О.В.Гудима

Образ світу старшокласників із аддиктивною поведінкою

The article analyzes the image of the world of high school students addictions that are common among today’s youth, such as smoking and computer games. The author defines quality characteristics of the image world youngsters that are characteristic of this contingent of senior students and describes recommendations for psychoprophylaxis of addictive behavior in today’s schools. It is shown that the psychological prevention and correction of addictive behavior such as senior nicotine dependence and computer addiction should be directed to form complete, realistic, and emotionally positive images of the real and the ideal world.

Keywords: image of the world, addictive behavior, game addiction, smoking, personality.


УДК 159.316.9


Репродуктивна ідентичність у структурі Я-концепції осіб зрілого віку

In this article, results of empirical research of the self-concept of individuals of mature age are analyzed. The focus of research interest is on the place and value of reproductive and family identity in an actual and prospective identification matrix of respondents. It is shown that professional, family and reproductive identity are the leading identity.

Keywords: self-concept, identity, reproductive identity, family identity, actual identity, prospective identity, reproductive behavior.


УДК 378.14

І.В.Ващенко, В.О.Гринько

Критерії діагностики рівня професійної мобільності у викладачів вищої школи

The article deals with the criteria for diagnosing occupational mobility in higher school teaching. Experimentally found that they are: pedagogical competence and expertise; substantive competence and expertise, installation and ideological values, personal values orientation and needs, professionally important qualities of the individual teacher of high school, presence of a technological component; pedagogical reflection.

Keywords: professional teacher mobility, teacher of high school.


УДК 153.92


Природа та ґенеза соціально-нормативної поведінки особистості

This article explores the factors, conditions and psychological mechanisms that give rise to manifestations of social and normative behaviour. It explores scientific approaches to nature and human behavior in the to socio-legal dimension. It reviews phenomenological aspects of existence are normative in society and that individual’s attempt to build a hierarchical model of social norms that affect their social activity.

Keywords: norm, personality, social norm, social and normative behaviour.


УДК 159.9:316.61


Вступ до проблеми командного розвитку: ціннісно-рольові засади міжсуб’єктної інтеракції у командах

The modern situation of the problem of team development is analyzed in this article. The main areas and trends of research are shown. The deficiency of scientific analysis of this problem is identified. The author’s view of the problem of team development in the frame of value-role paradigm is proposed. The value content of socio-psychological roles is analyzed in its connection with individual experience.

Keywords: team, team development, team building, interpersonal interaction in teams, value-role paradigm.


УДК 159.9

І.А.Горобець, О.А.Мордик

Міжособистісна культура психогенів як розвиток факторів тотальної невротизації населення України

In this article the interpersonal culture of peoplewith psychogenic disor ders in the professional activity of medical workers somatic in the psychological literature were analyzed; the main factors of total neurology as the means of organization of medical activity were characterized; the development of psychogenic and psychosomatic diseases as for conditions and factors of human activity in psychological science, the basic factors of total neuroticism as a means of organizing medical practice.

Key words: psychogenic diseases, psychosomatic diseases, psychosomatic phenomena, anxiety, neurology, psychosis, psychoneuropathology.


УДК: 159.922.2.533


Вплив умов тестування на виконання інтелектуальних тестів і тестів здібностей

The article is devoted to the problems which teachers and students are faced with when using testing as a form of control. Particular attention is paid to the classification of tests and particulars in their forming up as to form balance instrument for learning process marking. Systematic control measures using the compound at the highest level instrument control allows VNZam generate highly qualified specialists in various fields of knowledge suitable to apply accumulated knowledge base.

Ke ywords: test, testing, intellectual test, skills, learning standard.


УДК 159.9


Психологічний аналіз змістово- функціонального наповнення терміна «психологічний захист» у контексті самоприйняття особистості

The article looks at semantic and functional semantics of the term «psychological defence» in the context of self-acceptance. It defines the semantic and functional meaning of the definition, and presents the main approaches to its interpretation. It was found that the adequacy and relevance of psyhological defence cultivates positive confirming acceptance of self and can expand the repertoire of prosocial behavior to ensure successful general personal development.

Keywords: personality, psychological defence, mechanisms of психо-захисту, semantic and functional filling of term, selfacceptance.


УДК 159.923.33:7.038.11


Створення життєвої перспективи особистості з позиції соціального конструктивізму

In the article paper a theoretical analysis of the paradigm of social constructivism and its origins is given. A special attention was paid to the peculiarities of interpretation of reality in the era of postmodernism and to the poststructuralistic trends in science. A social reality constructing is revealed in the bosom of this paradigm. Using the example of a personality’s life prospects as a social reality, the leading factors of its construction were considered.

Keywords: paradigm, social constructivism, postmodernism, poststruc turalism, personality life prospects.


УДК 572 (092) (73) 19: 572.026


Маргарет Мід як фундатор наукового напряму «Культура і особистість»

The article is an attempt to analyze the scientific views of one of the founders of the school «Сulture and personality» Margaret Mead. It was found that interdisciplinary cooperation involves a detailed record of all approaches and data. Mead’s ideas gave direction to cross-cultural study of children’s environment and development to date. Cross-cultural differences in the behavior of adults observed before, but the development processes that lead to these differences have not attracted attention of specialists.

Keywords: Margaret Mead, Culture and personality, types of crops.


УДК 159.9.015:


Методи дослідження і статистичні підстави диференціації рівнів розвитку управлінської свідомості

Grounds for using of application of psychosemantic methods to the research of prosessional consciousness of managers was proved. Research groups with low, medium and high level of development of managerial consciousness were highlighted. Statutory performance levels of management consciousness was determined by four methods. Based on the descriptive statistics obtained by these methods, the estimation of normality distribution of data across all scales techniques and the correspondence between test scores and levels of management consciousness was investigated.

Keywords: Psychosemantics, subjective semantics, individual meaning systems, descriptive statistics.


УДК 159.9.07:165

М.П.Зажирко, Т.С.Яценко

Глубинное познание психики с использованием визуализированной самопрезентации субъекта

The article of Yatsenko T. S. «The depth cognition of psyche with visualization of subject`s self-presentation» proves that cognition of psychic as well as functional system, generated the necessity of its recoding into tangible visualized reality. In matters of recoding information, the author bases on the works of Anokhin P. K. He showed how functional systems operate independently of each other and coherently at the same time, wtich proves the necessity not only to take into account information equivalents, but also to cognize them. The content of the article is focused on building of dialogic interaction with necessary embedding into internal order of psychic functioning. The transmission of information of the original object can be realized in various forms of coding (for instance, verbal, nonverbal), keeping save invariance of information equivalents. The process of information occurs at each stage of transmission, including waviness of a dialogic interaction, involving as consciousness as unconscious as well in the process of cognition. Cognition of unconscious simultaneously turning aside meanings, which are inherited to materialized self-prezentants implicitly, requires their «revival» in a dialogic interaction with the respondent Understanding the nature of a personal problem, in tune with the realization of its own internal contradiction requires the assistance from a professional psychologist for its resolving. Psychodynamic theory focuses on the most optimal ways to help the subject. It is contributed to its visualized self-presentation.

Key words: consciousness, unconscious, psychological defense, materialized prezentant of the psyche, information equivalent, archetype.


УДК 159.9:616.853


Психологічний захист як механізм соціальної адаптації хворих на епілепсію

This article deals with the problems of mechanisms of psychological defence in the frame of scientific psychological investigations.The place of mechanisms of psychological defence in adaptation precess of personality and people with epilepsy is analized. With the help of testsurvey by R.Plutchik,Y.Kellerman and X.R.Kont the character of usage of mechanisms of psychological defence by people with epilepsy was determined. The analysis of psychological defense mechanisms in disease epilepsy considering the degree of adaptability showed that favorable in adaptation processes are mechanisms for compensation and intellectualization, which, in our opinion, have a favorable character through greater awareness, effectiveness, and, hence, controllable. Less adaptive mechanisms that are not easily controled or elected as convenient (easier) for the individual – displacement, projection.

Key words: psychologicaldefence, outsting, shift, negation, identification, isolation, projection, rationalization, reaction formation, regression, sublimation, social adaptation,epilepsy.


УДК 159.98.316.6


Казкотерапевтичні технології в сучасній практиці

The present article for the first time ever made an attempt to classify the fairytale technologies, which exist in modern practical psychology. Two basic technologies are distinguished: work with the existing fairytale and creating a personal fairytale. The other technologies, suchas – psychodynamic analysis of fairytale, usage of fairytale in a play therapy, art work with the fairytale, body work with fairytale, work with cards – are derivative.

Keywords: fairytale technologies, basic technologies, derivative technologies, methods and techniques.


УДК 177.82 : – 053.9


Суб’єктивне відчуття самотності осіб похилого віку

The article analyzes the features of the subjective feeling of loneliness of the elderly. Loneliness is considered as a complex psychological phenomenon that constitutes a violation of the real relations and relations of personality. The elderly have an average level of subjective feeling of loneliness. The emergence of such a feeling in the elderly does not depend on gender. Lonely feel villager, unemployed persons, those who live alone, was are unsatisfied with their health and have secondary education. Those who live in cities, those who work, live with family, happy for their own health, those who have higher and secondary special education less lonely feel.

Keywords: loneliness, subjective feelings of loneliness, the elderly.


УДК 159.9:37.015.3.


Сумісна діяльність у процесі оволодіння іноземною мовою

The problem of joint activity in the process of mastering a foreign language is analyzed in the article. Some psychological aspects of joint activity that must be considered in the practice of foreign language teaching are discussed. In the case of joint activity one should first consider its main aspects: 1) «teacher – student» interaction, 2) «student – student» interaction, 3) general group interaction of students in academic team, 4) «teacher – teachers group» interaction in the system of interdisciplinary relationships. Training to communicate is a close interpersonal interaction.

Key words: joint activity, psychological regularities, motivation, cognitive interests, interpersonal interaction, communication style.


УДК 373.2.015.31

Н.О.Кордунова, А.С.Денисюк

Розвиток творчого ставлення дошкільників до оточуючого їх світу

This paper analyzes the theoretical approaches and empirical research provides a description of the problem of development of creative relationships of preschoolers to the world around them. It is found that testing schemes targeting in their actions with objects and interactions that must first have detailed character and orientation that conceals the social relations of people, is a necessary step in building of an internal plan, develop imaginative thinking, which allows through the degrees of internalization of external influences access a new and more sophisticated assimilation schemes of social behavior. This transition begins to take place on the brink of early and preschool age, marking the emergence of role play, directs creative attitude of children to the world around them.

Keywords: creativity, spiritual activity, spiritual values, early child development, the world leading activity.


УДК 159.922.8


Проблема соціокультурного фактора поведінки особистості у роботах зарубіжних психологів

The theoretical concepts of social behavior in works of foreign psychologists are reviewed in the article. Different thoughts about driving forces of ethnical groups’ behavior are analyzed. Different approaches of social behavior measurement are reviewed. The role of social environment in formation of the life journey is defined in cultural and historical aspects. The study of social behavior within psychological research – it attempts to create a coherent picture of life of the people, which combined certain common values and lives in a fixed area, which limits the spatial parameters of culture because of natural geographic factors.

Keywords: society, social behavior, culture, ethnos, live-space, social structure.


УДК 159.922.4


Психологічні особливості етнічної ідентичності та толерантності у студентів- білінгвів

The article deals with the psychological peculiarities of bilingual students’ ethnic identity and tolerance. The results of the empirical analysis concerning ethnic identity intensity, ethnic affiliation as well as ethnic identity types of students with productive and reproductive types of bilingualism have been presented. It was found that productive bilingualism promotes positive ethnic identity, creating positive feelings about their ethnic identity, as well as the establishment of tolerant individuality of students, capable of harmonious intercultural interaction and cooperation with members of all ethnic communities.

Ke ywords: ethnic identity, tolerance, ethnic affiliation, productive type of bilingualism, reproductive type of bilingualism.


УДК 316.612


Теоретичні аспекти особистісно- превентивного розвитку молоді

The meaning of personal development of youth has been analyzed and theoretical analysis of the problem position has been made in this article. The determination of personal-preventive development has been offered. It was found that an important part of the process of personal development of young people in modern society is personal and preventive development to prevent, eliminate destructive factors in the behavior of the individual, the harmonization of relations in society and development in children and youth with qualities that provide resistance to possible variations in behavior in the social environment.

Key words: personal development, preventive development, personalpreventive development.


УДК 159.9


Проблеми професійного відбору працівників правоохоронних органів

The article describes the historical background of professional selection. The analysis of the current state of professional selection and use of scientific criteria and legal approaches to issues of selection is presendet. It is found that the emergence of new professions in law enforcement raises the question of scientific research and regulatory consolidation criteria of professional competence of candidates for those positions. After performing professional duties the employee who in their personal qualities meet the requirements of the profession will bring much more benefit than the performance of their employees who have to overcome the personality inadequacy to the profession.

Key words: profession, worker, staff recruitment, law enforcement.


УДК 159.92


Рекреаційні аспекти активних творчих методів сенсорно-перцептивної активації для дітей підліткового та юнацького віку

The article reviews the role of active creative methods is reasonable on the basis of the perceptual activating in the system of recreational activity. The system of the creative and reflexive playing methods, sent to the creative self-expression of personality of f child of juvenile and youth age in foods of work of own perception of the world, realization and claim of own «Ego», is considered.

Keywords: recreation, creative self-realization, integral «I-image», creative perception of the world. active creative methods.


УДК 159.923


Уявлення про саморозвиток особистості в зарубіжних психологічних теоріях

The article discusses the views upon the nature and mechanisms of human existence in the foreign psychology. The concept of selfdevelopment in humanistic theories of personality is analyzed. It focuses on self-actualization as the concept of human development based on the idea of relying on self-development and self-organization, where there are no psychological categorial construction, since there were task to create a theoretical and methodological developments. It was found that they tend to self-understanding (self-actualization) as innate properties of man, although there is no doubt that the deep essence of human nature is ambiguous in its manifestations. This focus on personal development and its potential in the development of humanistic theories certainly helps solve many problems of modern psychology.

Key words: personal growth, individuation, congruence, autonomy, self-identity, basic needs, self-actualization, self-development.


УДК 159.964:321.01

Ю.Ю.Курілов, І.В.Данилюк

Несвідоме як джерело пізнання злочину

Theoretical principles this research is based on is the psychological theory of the origin of the state and law. Scientific psychoanalysis in chosen as the research method. In this work the unconscious of phenomenon of crime, rebellion, state and power is explored. Based on the survey results in this work there been have made general conclusions about subject of the research, the philosophy and science in general.

Keywords: Rationalism, dialectic, method, cognition, perception, unconscious, scientific psychoanalysis, psychological theory of the origin of the state and law, crime and punishment, the will to power, the Logos.


УДК 159.922.7:004


Психологічні аспекти розробки педагогічних програмних засобів для розвитку просторової орієнтації молодших школярів

The psychological characteristics of younger pupils’ spatial orientation skills have been characterized. The requirements to educational software aimed at developing these skills with regard to psychological mechanisms and dynamics of mental development of students have been identified. The systems of exercises that can be used in developing of such software have been described. The formulated psychological requirements of educational software and the proposed system of exercises can be used to develop computer programs that contribute to the improvement of the spatial orientation of the younger pupils.

Keywords: spatial orientation, spatial representation, educational software.


УДК 159.923-053.6


Психологічні особливості впевненості молоді в собі

The article provides information on the theoretical and experimental study of the phenomenon of self-confidence of youth. The subject of interest were gender-confidence in relation to self-efficacy and performance features stylistic characteristics of cognitive processes. The results of empirical and theoretical study of the phenomenon of confidence can serve as a basis for the formulation of a number of recommendations for men and women to educate them in confidence or correction of uncertainty.

Keywords: the phenomenon of confidence, social boldness, initiative in social contact, samoefektyvnit, cognitive style.


УДК 159.923


Проблеми сучасного підлітка на етапі дорослішання (аdolescence) (на основі матеріалів зарубіжних інтернет-публікацій)

Problems of teens’ age are on the focus of interest of both domestic and foreign psychologists. The analysis of the Internet publications about adolescences’ problems, the reasons that cause them are represented in the article. The American and European psychologists are researching the reasons and explain them by the aspects of physiological development, lack of the proper brining-up process, the low level of own determination to self-develop. The classification of the problems is of the unique interest: the influence of the mass-media, the necessity to create the «body-image», mobbing. Besides that, the information about the types of the brining-up methods which cause these problems is rendered. The links to the results of the empiric research provide the data to correct the problems in the adolescence.

Key words: adolescence, infantivity, brain maturing, mutual understan ding, teenager.


УДК159.923.31 – 053.6

С.В.Маковєєва, Н.П.Шайда

Психологічні особливості відповідального ставлення підлітків до власного соматичного здоров’я

The article opens psychological features of the responsible relation of teenagers to somatic health. Results of research are presented. In is found that the nature of somatic disease affects the mental state of the patient, as well as personality characteristics of the patient significantly affect the occurrence of certain diseases. Acceptance of responsibility for the illness will help the teenager to overcome it and to become physically, psychologically and spiritually healthy person.

Keywords: psychosomatic diseases, mental health, responsibility, relation to the health, responsible relation to health.


УДК 618.8-085.851:159.9.01(477)


Проблема психотерапии личности при психосоматических и хронических (инвалидизирующих) заболеваниях в украинской медицинской психологии последнего двадцатилетия

The article reveals the urgent problem of individual psychotherapy in psychosomatic and chronic (disabling) diseases in the Ukrainian Medical Psychology for the last twenty years. It was investigated and found that the Ukrainian Medical Psychology fundamental work in the field of psychotherapy is psychosomatic patients’ and people is suffering from chronic diseases. These was the main specific features of the development of the topic in Ukraine.

Keywords: psychotherapy of personality, psychosomatic and chronic (disabling) of the disease, the Ukrainian Medical Psychology of the last twenty.


УДК 159.972


Префронтальні відділи кори головного мозку: історія новітніх досліджень

The article is devoted to the resent history of neuroscience. The development of contemporary concept of executive functions and its relations to the prefrontal cortex in the XXth – beginning of the XXIth century is emphasized. The clinical investigation of the damage of prefrontal cortex, both of endogenic and exogenic nature allowed to formulate an idea about the specific «frontal syndrome», but the real progress in understanding of the prefrontal cortex was made in late «brain decade» when the introduction of reorovisualization methods caused the appearance of new original solvations for the old problems.

Keywords: prefrontal cortex, executive functions, history of neuroscience.


УДК 351.74

А.О.Марченко, В.І.Барко

Емоційний інтелект і поведінкові стратегії управлінської діяльності правоохоронців

The article is devoted to the description of interconnection between human emotional intelligence and behavioral strategies of Police managers. It is found that the higher is the emotional intelligence of the head of police, the richer may be its behavioral repertoire, the less it depends on impulsive actions, the manager can deal with stressful situations by socially acceptable actions and avoid the use of antisocial, aggressive modelsof coping behavior. High EI allows for constructive, productive, positive behavior patterns in stress situations. Due to underdeveloped EI manager is not able to adequately assess, understand and manage their own and others’ emotions, resulting in giving preference to primitive destructive coping strategy.

Keywords: emotional intelligence, police manageres, behavioral strategies.


УДК 159.9


Поняття чуйності як професійно значущої якості особистості вчителя

The article is dedicated to study of professionally significant qualities of the pedagogue, among whicha especial place take up sensitivity as moral psychological quality of the teacher’s personality that characterizes his attitude toward others and sncludes empathy, kindness, tact, courtesy and care, providing practical help to others. The structure of sensitivity has cognitive, emotional and behavioral components.

Keywords: responsive, professional and important qualities, personality, future teacher, pedagogue.


УДК 519.9:616-057


Особливості психології обходження з хворими медичного персоналу

The paper examines the main features of psychology in efficiency of patients’ treatment by medical personnel. An important role of bypass patients is the interaction between medical staff and patients. One of the most important parts of the treatment process is to help the patient. Nurse’s personality and style of behavior can both positively and negatively affect patients. In the center of the practice of a nurse who works with patients is their psychological problems associated with diseases. The important point for the emergence of positive psychological relationships and trust between health professionals and patients have qualifications and experience of the doctor and the nurse. When treating patients it should be remembered that the disease affects not only human bodies, but also the individuality of the patient.

Keywords: Efficiency patients, medical staff, patient, nurse, doctor, patient care, diseases, personality of the patient.


УДК 316.613.434


Можливості і закономірності психологічної профілактики та корекції агресивної поведінки неповнолітніх

The article deals with patterns of psychological prevention of aggressive behavior among the minors. The analysis is given to the specifics of forming constructive behavioral responses in problem situations and awareness of their own emotional world, and feelings of others, developing empathy. The program of correcting the aggressive behavior among minors is proposed.

Keywords: aggressive behavior, psychological prevention, correction, training.


УДК 159.922.1


Гендерна ідентичність та соціокультурне середовище

This article analyzes the socio-cultural determinants, their role and importance in the formation of gender identity. Formation of sex differences is influenced by social and cultural environment. It is the result of the adoption by a personality of the system of social values , that society propose for male and female. Sex-role socialization acts as a process of social and cultural factors assimilation, and causes the most of the acquired characteristics of sex-role behavior of the individual. In the article special attention is paid to the gender identity of youth.

Key words: gender identity, gender stereotypes, sex-role socialization.


УДК 159.9.075


Запам’ятовування, збереження та відтворення інформації прикордонним керівником

The impact of memory on operational activity of the Head of the Border Control authority has been revealed in the article. There has also been clarified the dependence of efficiency of his cognitive activity on the skills to memorize, store and restore the information as an important psychological aspect of his successful professional activity that requires continuous improvement.

Keywords: memory, memorizatio n, efficiency, information, restoring.


УДК 159.955


Дослідження вилучених видів відчуття у професійній діяльності менеджера

Іn the article there brought the results of researches of the withdrawn kinds of feeling which are the constituent of the system of thinking and which are mostly used in cognitive activity of a manager. It is set that the withdrawn types of feeling, being intersected in corresponding correlations, have a positive age dynamics of development and, by submitting separate elements, are inter se in system intercommunications, due to what structural integrity and activity of the feeling system are provided within the limits of the general system of thought.

Keywords: approach of the systems, feeling, structure, system, intercommunications.


УДК 159.923


Методологічний підхід до вивчення інформаційно-реконструктивних технологій особистості

In the article the theoretic-methodological research principles expounded, basic approaches to the problem of display and determination information – reconstructive technologies of personality are analysed. It is established that each information process in its complete form includes information source that generates signals that carry some message (data), coding (translation of meaning in symbols) the message for transmission over a communication channel, decoding of messages, various operations of its processing, issuing notice to the subscriber.

Keywords: information – reconstructive technologies, personality, research, determination.


УДК 376 – 056.36:159.222 – 053.4


Психологічні основи дослідження просторово-часових детермінант комунікативної діяльності у дітей із затримкою психічного розвитку

The concept «chronotopos» is analysed and is offered to use in special psychology . The content of concept «existential» preconditions of communicative activity is opened and the possibility of its application in the course of studying of children of preschool and younger school age with a delay of mental development is proved. It is also proved that communicative activity in the childhood represents multidimensional system, thus concept of space of synthesis with concept of time, on the basis of idea chronotopos, allows possibility of its not hierarchy, moreover, the unstable, temporary, functional organization.

Key words: existential determinants, chronotopos, communicative activity, preschool and younger school age, delay of mental development.


УДК 378.147:316.477-057.87


Методологічний та теоретичний аспекти розвитку особистості професіонала

The article focuses on the methodological and theoretical aspects of individual professional future of the professionals of professions. It is found that students’ knowledge of future professionals professions of themselves and building on this basis a certain attitude to oneself as a future professional, self-change and self-esteem – all this contributes to personal development and professional growth of the individual student, which is based on the desire to be prepared and responsible for the performance of professional duties. The personality development of the professional future specialist of socionomic professions determines professional activity, which is a means of forming a purpose, value and meaning of life.

Key words: development, personality, professional, future professionals of socionomic professions, professional personal development, self-regulation, self-determination, professional development, professional activity.


УДК 371.015: 811


Factors of forming intercultural communication competence in foreign language teaching/learning

The article investigates intercultural communicative competence which is one of the integral parts of mastering foreign language. The content of the notion “culture” is clarified. It is proved that both psychological and didactic factors are obligatory for successful formation of the given competence. The following factors are determined: cultural orientation of language teaching/learning; understanding values; sociolinguistic competence; developing skills in observing, analyzing, monitoring, tactics, investigation; ability to externalize and manage anxiety.

Keywords: intercultural competence, cultural approach, culture, communication, values, skills.


УДК 159.9


Професійна ідентичність особистості: зміст та підходи вивчення

This article analyzes the source of theoretical positions that make the interpretation of the scientific basis of the professional identity of the individual. Based on the analysis of domestic and foreign research, scientists describe major scientific approaches to the study of professional identity of the person and identify cultural and social context of its formation. It is found that professional identity as awareness of professional image representation implements individual’s own future, which is an integral part of her life’s journey and creates a subjective image of its development.

Keywords: identity, professional identity, professional, professional identification.


УДК 378.147:159


Роль внутрішнього мовлення в розвитку психологічної культури спілкування у майбутніхпсихологів

The article examined theoretically and experimentally substantiated the role of inner speech in psychological culture of communication in future psychologists. The positive dynamics of psychological culture of communication in terms of cognitive, communicative and personal components include flexibility of th inking, argumentation of thought in dialogue, deep inner reflection speech course of dialogue, expressivity in dialogue, emotional stability, self-control and personal development of oneself as an expert psychologist.

Keywords: culturally-oriented educational dialogue, dialogical strategy training, professional development, dialogue communication, subjectsubject relations in communication, the development of inner speech in dialogue.


УДК 316.655:316.776.4


Збагачення громадської думки: закономірності та критерії

The problem of the process of public opinion enrichment is considered in the article. The value of correct organization of the discussion is emphasized. There are rules it must be hold with. The criterions of information adequacy and cognitive processes that follow the image widening are supplied. The objective and subjective factors of forming the item image are analyzed. The characteristics of the fed information and the environment are referred to the objective factors. Personal qualities of people are among the subjective ones.

Keywords: public opinion, item image, perception, discussion.


УДК 159.955.4:658.336:629.73 (045)

Н.А.Побірченко, І.О.Цибулько

Психологічні фактори розвитку професійної рефлексії у студентів авіаційного університету

In this article phenomenology of the development of students’ professional reflection is grounded. The development of professional reflection is caused by the integrated organization of learning the subject itself and the people. It is found that the term «professional reflection» means the ability of the individual to value their own personal and professional development of qualification requirements in their chosen profession. It is this ability that facilitate the development of skills to choose the right strategy for coping with activities performed under conditions of high risk.

Keywords: construct, kauzometriya, reflection, professional reflection, cognition, reflexive competence, collective identification.


УДК 159.923-057.87


Психологічна готовність студентів до визначення власної життєвої позиції

The article explores the meaning of «psychological readiness» and «life position of the individual»; value-motivational, informational and cognitive, goal creative and operational components of readiness are singled out; the results of an empirical study of the psychological readiness of students to determine their own position in life are presented. The process of forming of the vital position of the individual students, which is still ongoing at this age should be forwarded, psycho-pedagogical staff of higher education institutions in a constructive direction.

Keywords: readiness, psychological readiness, position, life position of individual.


УДК 155.9


Створення психолого-педагогічних умов морального розвитку учнівської молоді в закладі професійно-технічної освіти

The article examines the factors and trends in the decline of moral standards in society, values disorientation among youth, especially in the group of vocational students. The article presents analysis of the known solutions to the problem of moral development of young people, determines leading psycho-pedagogical conditions favorable for the moral development of students in vocational education. It is noted that the successful implementation of these conditions in practice is possible while respecting the specificity of stages and psychological mechanisms of moral development of youth.

Keywords: learning process, the conditions for moral development, psychological and pedagogical conditions.


УДК 159.922.2-051

М.В.Раскин, Д.В.Сай

Влияние воспитателей на развитие детей в Домах ребенка

The article describes issues related to children residing in Baby homes in Ukraine, as well as analyzes the work of staff, its awareness of scientific and pedagogical approaches to child-rearing, attitude to work and children, willingness to make changes in work environment in order to improve socio-emotional state of children. It also identifies a number of issues requiring further attention and research, for example, negative attitude of staff to the biological parents of the children.

Keywords: Baby home, socio-emotional development of childnre, staff, attitude to work, attitude to children, emotional wellbeing o staff.


УДК 159.942


Особливості «професійного вигорання» викладачів вищих навчальних закладів

The article analyzes “professional burnout” syndrome characteristics typical for teachers of higher educational establishments. It is found that the specificity of “burnout” in teachers is that despite the symptoms of “Resistance” they show clear manifestations of “exhaustion,” which indicates the beginning of the destructive personality changes and the presence of negative emotional setting in relation to students and educational activities . It is shown that this fact also suggests that psychological defenses used by the teacher is not able to protect him/her from stress. It underlines the distructive character of the phenomenon is impact both on teachers’ personality and their students’ professional development.

Keywords: high school teacher “professional burnout”, resistens, psychological defense.


УДК 159.9


Принцип экзистенциальности эко-гуманистической технологии саморазвития

The key principle of eco-humanistic technology of self-development, the principle of existentiality, is disclosed. It stimulates launching of psychological mechanisms of personality self-development that provides specified quality of its work methods. The principle is realized by means of the existential model of self-development, it provides proactivity, free choice of work methods for personality’s senses realization, motives for development in the existential circle of self-development.

Keywords: eco-humanistic technology of self-development, existential model of self-development, principle of existentiality.


УДК 159. 943


Особливості структури програми розвитку психомоторики суб’єкта для діяльності в екстремальних умовах

The article defines the stages of development of extreme psychomotor extreme types of subjects and examined their contents. The first stage aims to enrich the image of actions performed in extreme conditions, the second – to grasp the intelligence mechanisms to control the actions, the third – the transfer of new knowledge in the process of implementation of actions, the fourth – to develop the capacity to differentiate movements, fifth – to act in shortage of time, the sixth – to act in the conditions of competition, the seventh – to act in the obstacles created by other people.

Keywords: psychomotor development, program development, stages of development, an activity, extreme conditions.


УДК 159.964

А.С.Сиренко, Е.Ю.Яручик

Символ «огня» в его архетипическом содержании

The article describes categories and in particular archetype of fire in terms of its representation in the scientific literature. Analysis of the opened prospects to reveal unconscious aspects of the psyche, representing the archetype of fire. Analysis or the archetype «fire» is superinividual formation and virtually does not exist outside the subject in the functional parameters. Moreover archetype acts as instinct, which assists the subject in visualizing the contents of the psyche.

Keywords: archetypal symbolism, the archetype of fire, myths, fairy tales, psycho.


УДК 159.922


Теоретико-методологічний аналіз проблеми готовності практичного психолога до професійної діяльності

The concept of professional awareness is a core point of actual research due to its relation to the process of formation of the future professionals in different fields. The article is aimed on the analysis of scientific-applied publications on the given issue. It can be stated that different views and approaches to the problem of the awareness definition exist because of the fact that different kinds of awareness are studied. We cannot avoid the peculiarities of the profession and the factors influencing the structure of the awareness type in question.

Keywords: awareness, future applied psychologists’ professional awareness, psychological awareness, personal awareness, personalacmeological model of awareness, ideal model of applied psychologist’s activity.


УДК 159.9.0194


Features of self-control in adolescence

The article deals with the investigation of the problem of teenagers’ self-control at the behavior activities. There were determined the basic methods, used to investigate the process of: self-control levels; level of teenagers’ realization their behavior reactions in differing situations; teenagers’ possibilities and criterions of other people assessing; goaldirection and needs of self-upbringing as higher self-control form. Based on the theoretical analysis of the literature and conducted experimental research it was concluded that the formation of self-control in the behavioral activity of adolescents is influenced by such important factors as: features of «Self-concept» personality, including level of formation of ideal image «Self»; the results of academic activity (traced the relationship between aver in training activities and low self-control in the behavioral activity), including the level of self-control in this type of activity; the level of learning individual moral standards; the level of reflection (low level of reflection leads to lack of demand for self-education).

Keywords: self-control, teenager, self-upbringing, self-regulation, self-studing, self-treating, «Self-image», self-assessing, «Self-conception».


УДК: 159.92.27


Психологічні рекомендації батькам щодо розвитку позитивного образу сім’ї дошкільників

The article presents the themes and content of the brief conversations with parents that contribute to the positive development of the image of the family among preschoolers and their parents. It is found that the development of a positive image of the family contributes to a focused discussion with parents on the ideal image of the child, family, hiding the problems of family life through projection, the impact made on the climate in the family by a married couple’s notions that there should not be any conflicts in the family. We describe the practical advice to parents regarding the establishment of communication processes in the family.

Keywords: positive image of the family, рarent-child, marital relationships, positive family atmosphere, parables, fairy tales, family conflicts, self-help.


УДК 159.923.2


Психологічний механізм реактивного утворення та його зв’язок із самосприйняттям особистості

The author analyzes the classical and contemporary psychological theories of a reaction formation as a defense mechanism, investigates its connection with the verbal components of self-perception. It is shown that the protective psychological mechanism of reaction formation is basically not recognized by a personality, while it belongs to the protections of the secondary or «neurotic» type, and is not one of the most «primitive». A significant statistical dependence of high level of reaction formation as a defense mechanism with low sexual role self-identification, high level of communicative « I» and high level of acting «I» is detected.

Keywords: personality, reaction formation, defense mechanism, selfperception.


УДК 37.091.33-028.22


Застосування технологій дистанційного навчання для підвищення якості засвоєння навчального матеріалу

Basic descriptions of the distance studies, as educations without scopes, the basic models of the opened, extra-mural and distance studies are reflected and considered in the article. The classification of information technologies of educational material presentation is showed during the distance studies. The expedience of information technologies application of the distance studies is grounded for any form of studies. It is found that the appearance and occurrence in modern educational space of qualitatively new means of presentation and exchange of information allows us to consider them not only as an effective means of maintaining the educational process, but as technology skills of independent work with increasing professional motivation.

Keywords: technology, distance learning, quality learning, educational space, independent work.


УДК 159.923


До питання зв’язку особистісних особливостей педагога та навчальної успішності учнів

The paper highlights the current issues research of psychological determinants of educational success. The special role of the teacher in student achievement of high performance in learning activities is justified. For systematization of data on psychological factors determining the success and learning in the system of scientific knowledge are used predictors associated with the personality of the teacher, in the classification of psychological determinants of educational success introduced a criterion «subject relatedness important learning activities of individual psychological characteristics». The psychological mechanism of the effect of positive values of the teacher in the educational success of pupils is revealed.

Keywords: educational success, academic success factors, positive values, the «strong» character traits.


УДК 159.9:35.08


Професійна культура державного службовця як культура особистості

The professional culture of a civil servant as the culture of on individual according to the acmeological, psychological and personal approaches is analysed in the article. According to the acmeological approach the professional culture of a civil servant is a holistic, special neoplasm, which regulates and predicts the self-development of personality and professionally important qualities of civil servants. As for the psychological approach the professional culture of a civil servant is taken as a complex of psychological characteristics of a specialist, which determine the efficiency and effectiveness of his/her professional activities. On the basis of the personal approach professional culture of civil servants is understood as an integral, essential integral characteristics of the personality of the civil servant, which is a condition for the effective professional activities and for professional self-improvement.

Key words: professional culture of a civil servant, acmeological, psychological, personal approaches to the study of the professional culture.


УДК 159.9 (477.43) «18-19»


Психологічне забезпечення психічного здоров’я населення Поділля (кінець ХІХ – початок ХХ століть)

In the article maintenance of concept of psychical health is considered in the process of history of development of psychological knowledge in Podillya at the end of the ХІХ – at the beginning of the ХХ century. The author determines pre-conditions of formayion and development of psychological science in the given period, that is marked by a supervision, study and acquisition of naturally-scientific experience. The results of research and practice activity of medical personnel, that was conducted on the base of the psychiatric hospital in Vinnytsa are given, that assisted to bringing of considerable contributions to the lump sum of human knowledge.

Keywords: psychical health, Podillya, history of psychology, nervous illnesses, science, pose hospital help, psyche.


УДК 159.923.2

Г.В.Чуйко, М.І.Комісарик

Проблема самоактуалізації у студентському віці

The article an attempt to analyze the content of self-actualization and self-realization and to study empirically the connection of selfactualizations level of student’s with their personalities traits. These results reflect the current situation for the respondents: they partially viable, try to solve their problems themselves, rather emotionally stable, open, sociable and creative, are in the process of self-actualization, mostly – on average level, but this cfn neither be the indicative of further development of these indicators, nor of the no absolute awareness of students of their diagnosed personality characteristics, actual process or components of selfactualization.

Key words: self-actualization, self-realization, hardiness.


УДК 159.922.27-053.6


Постнекласична i традиційна парадигми отроцтва: обмеження та перспективи в контексті становлення плюралістичної методології пізнання

The article analyzes the psychological aspects of essence of adolescence as the age-related period. The prospects of the use of potential of pluralism methodology of cognition, after non classical paradigm and changing of «methodological lenses»(Т.Кun) are considered in the context of this problem. The features of modern type of adolescence are determined. It is found that the use of potential methodological pluralism will negate the limitations of the traditional paradigm model and really bring the psychology of adolescence to the requests of the modern practice by extending the philosophy and research space, internal and external integration capabilities of the achievements of foreign scientists and creative reinterpretation, adaptation and integration of content of valuable domestic approaches in the study of adolescence as an object of study.

Keywords: pluralism methodology, traditional paradigm of adolescence, after non classical paradigm, juvenile-youth period (11-20 years), cultural and creative function of adolescence.


УДК 159.923.2


Експериментально-психологічні умови формування професійної толерантності майбутніх економістів

The article gives methodologically balanced analysis of the system of experimental conditions of economist student’s tolerance formation within their professional preparation. It has been proved that the suggested system is specified in the sequence of interdependent forms, methods and tolerance formation procedures. The system mentioned above is hypothetically aimed at achieving of qualitative developing changes in psychological structure and internal filling of future economist’s professional tolerance

Keywords: tolerance, professional tolerance, training, experimental conditions, teaching and role play, professional preparation, psychological structure, social and psychological factors.


УДК 159.922.763:159.942


Особливості функціонування емоційної сфери неповнолітніх засуджених

The article is devoted to the study of the process of functioning of teenagers’ emotional sphere. The system of diagnostics of impressive and expressive components of emotional construct of personality is presented. The indexes of emotional activity of underage convicts who are in an educative colony and their yearlings who are not infringers are analysed. Differences are certain in functioning of emotional sphere, on the basis of which it is necessary to build correction influence.

Key words: personality, emotional sphere, emotional construct, impressive and expressive components, underage convicts, resocialization.


УДК 159.9


Professional prognoses formation by means of self futuring training in adolescence

The paper deals with the image of the future construction peculiarities as a way to stimulate the process of professionalization. Correctional work realization in the form of professional self-futuring training for the students of senior courses aimed at their professional prognoses formation, professional career optimization and future relations with the outside world development.

Keywords: self-futuring, professional prognosis, professional selfrealization, the image of the future, anticipation, life line.


УДК 159.923.2+159.925


Розвиток образу «Я» особистості через активізацію інтелектуальних дій

The аrticle focuses on the psychological characteristics of a self-image, which are activated through the intellectual activities of the individual. The influence of intelligent action on all structural components of self-image is illuminated. The interrelation and interdependence between the characteristics of the self-image and the representative intellect, as elements in the structure of personality are spotted. The peculiarities of the self-image through activated intellectual activities of assimilation and accommodation are determined. The author’s program «Development of the self-image through intellectual action» is fullfiled and justified

Key words: self-image, representation of intellect, intellectual actions.


УДК 316.752


Психологічні детермінанти ціннісно- орієнтаційного розвитку особистості майбутніх фахівців освітньої галузі

The paper studies the importance of taking into account the nature and specifics of value orientations for future psychologists and social workers, their impact on personal development of future professionals during their professional development. In addition, the preconditions for psychological mechanisms and subjective value properties, which are fundamental factors in personality development of future specialists of this type of work. It is found that a special meaning for the personal development of future professionals has the content of their professional activity content that defines the format and characteristics of value-normative scope, depth, beliefs and professional ambitions, determining the completeness of their social significance.

Keywords: personality, values, values, purpose, interest, motive, need, personal development.


УДК 159.9


Поняття та ідеї сучасної психології, необхідні для дослідження креативності особистості: актуальність проблеми

The article analyzes the scientific literature on the theoretical problems of art and creativity. An especially gifted person is outlined, the features that characterize the activities of the gifted child are analyzed. It is found that basically «creative process» – is such, in which there is something that is not contained in the initial conditions of the problem or situation that primarily involves creating something new. Сreativity in itself is quite subjective and provides that man has acquired the ability to take advantage of their creative potential, creativity and more. We describe studies that outline the structure of the creative potential of the individual.

Keywords: creative activity, creativity, creative person, the peculiarities of the activity of the creative person, creative potential of the person.