The Editorial Board has the right to publish original scientific papers containing results of theoretical and experimental research works which are not currently subject to review for publication in other scientific editions. The Author shall transfer to the editorial board of the Collection the right to spread the electronic version of the paper, as well as the electronic version of the paper translated into English (for papers originally submitted in Ukrainian and Russian) by all kinds of electronic means (placement at the official website of the Collection, electronic databases, repositories etc).

The Author shall reserve the right to use materials of the paper, without approval of the editorial board and the founders of this Collection: a) fully or partially, for educational purposes; b) for writing own dissertation papers; c) for preparation of theses, conference reports or presentations.

The Author can place electronic copies of the paper (including the final electronic version downloaded from the official website of the Collection) at:

  • personal web resources of all Authors (websites, webpages, blogs etc.);
  • web resources of the institutions where the Authors are employed (including electronic institutional repositories);
  • non-profit public access web resources (for example,

In all cases, it is obligatory to have a bibliographic reference to the paper, or a hyperlink to its electronic copy placed at the official website of this Collection.