Issue 10

UDC 614.253.5

М.Я. Бабич

Вивчення професійної відповідальності молодшого медичного спеціаліста

Methodological and theoretical bases of the investigation of professional medical responsibility are examined; the psychological structure of this per sonal quality and the intrinsic bases of the student’s responsible behaviour are ascertained. The components that are connected with deep personal formation in which a student expresses himself/herself integrally as a subject of internal or ex ternal activion, behaviour and activity are distinguished. The fact that the development o of responsibility occur in the harmony between the efficient, emotionally motivated and behavioural components is ascertained.

Key words: responsibility, selfdetermination, professional medical re sponsibility, oversituational activity, selfintegration.


UDC 159.922

О.О. Байдарова

Перспективи дослідження професійної рефлексії в супервізії соціального працівника

The article is devoted to the problem of professional reflection in supervision of social worker which directly co operates with clients. There is close interconnec tion is determined between supervision and reflection. Thus supervision organizes (in time and spacious) the processes of professional reflection. Supervision plays the role of container for professional situations, converting them into the realized experience which determines creative learning and self-development.

Key words: reflection, social worker, supervision, professional situation, interaction, professionalism.


UDC 159.942 – 053.6

Н.І. Бігун

Особистісна симптоматика психогенних депресивних розладів у підлітків

The article is devoted the problem of the depressed disorders for the teens. The analysis of personality symptoms of adolescent’s depression is rep resented in the article.

Key words: depression, puberty’s period, personality, personality devel opment, personality symptom.


UDC 37.015.31:17.022.1

Н.М. Білоусова

Вивчення психологічних чинників розвитку почуття власної гідності у молодших школярів

The article describes the scientific and theoretical basis of the study of psychological factors in the development of self-esteem of the pupils.

Key words: psychological factors, self-esteem, emotional and value self-appraisal, self-esteem, self-acceptance, the younger student.



А.М. Большакова

Вікова динамка показників особистісної реалізованості / потенційності

The age dynamic of personal realization / potentiality was analyzed. It’s turned out, that age of “acme” characterizes by the optimal correlation of realization / potentiality characteristics. It’s demonstrated, that realization characteristics increase from the fore pension age.

Key words: personal realization, personal potentiality, youth, maturity, old age, acme.


UDC 37.035.91:159.923

Н.О. Бочаріна

Формування гуманістичної спрямованості майбутніх соціальних педагогів у процесі особистісно орієнтованого виховання

In the article regarding means of forming humanistic direction a personality future social teacher in the studies process in high school.

Key words: personality, humanistic direction, social teacher, process of forming.


UDC 159.9.17

В.Й. Бочелюк, І.Ю. Антоненко

Формуванні ціннісних орієнтацій особистості у процесі здобуття вищої освіти

The article reveals the social and psychological peculiarities of individual values in the process of higher education. Particular attention is paid to the significance of higher education in the life of Ukrainian society, even more than politics or economics. Determined by its special role shaping intellectual identity.

Key words: personality, values, higher education.


UDC 376056.34

О.О. Буковська

Особливості становлення та психокорекції життєвого досвіду підлітків з неблагополучних родин

The principal social and psyhologycal factors of the standing knowledge of life teenagers from problem familys are consider in this article. The results of the research about peculiaritus of understaning the knowledge of life by teenagers from success full fnd problem familys are presents here. The mean ing of using the metode of narrative in the psihologokorrektion work with the teenagers from problem familys is showed in this article.

Key words: teenagers from problem familys, psyhologycal knowledge of life, narrative, understaning.



К.М. Васюк

Егоцентризм як чинник соціально-психологічної дезадаптації особистості

There is analyzed problem of the relation the tangerine and adults egocentrism and social psychological desadaptation in the article. I have described the history of the investigations of the problem in the works by different authors, and have attempted to prove the stipulation of egocentrically variation by the social psychological desadaptation

Key words: Analysis of Variance, egocentrism, egotism, social psychological desadaptation.


UDC: 316.648

В.О. Васютинський

Незадоволені потреби в контексті соціального самовизначення російськомовних жителів України

According to the results of a polling of 1292 Russian speaking respondents it was concluded that their social self-determinations were essentially influenced by experience of non satisfied needs. The lacks of well being, or der and stability, a certainty of the future, the fair authorities, and health were especially significant. Non satisfaction of the needs dealing with Russian identity was rather appreciable, but not leading. The ethno political factors had relatively stronger effect on the self-determination of Russian speaking youth, but the young people were less focused on the pro Russian values.

Key words: non satisfied needs, social identity, age differences, Russian speaking residents.


UDC 159.923.2

С.О. Вільдгрубе

Формування компонентів самоставлення підлітків в умовах соціальної депривації

The paper filed a theoretical analysis of scientific literature on the issue samostavlennya, comparative analysis of components samostavlennya. Paid attention to psychological factors forming samostavlennya important aspects of adolescence, characteristics of samostavlennya adolescents deprived of pa rental care.

Key words: samostavlennya, personality, adolescent, self-awareness, self-esteem, I-concept, deprivation.


UDC 159.9

М.І. Вінтонів

Інтеграція сучасного методологічного інструментарію для діагностики когнітивних стилів

Based on theoretical research, according to which is measured the conditions and impact of the social situation in the cognitive stylistic manifestations, reviewed the modern methodological tools, which enables the detection of expression of dependence of cognitive styles in the different social situations, because human behavior is determined by internal cognitive parameters and to some extent the external environment which creates the influence on a person as a social being.

Key words: Cognitive styles, the parameters of cognitive styles, styles of information learning, active cognitive style, and abilities.


UDC 159.922.7

О.В. Волошок

Психологічний аналіз проблеми тривожності особистості

The article is devoted to the problem of personality’s anxiety. The author describes nature of anxiety, a social and psychological factor that determinates development of anxiety in childhood. The author also points out the description of psychotherapy’s methods K. Horny, H.S. Sullivan in work with anxiety clients.

Key words: anxiety, fear, necessity of safety, factors of communication, parents and child relations, psychotherapy.


UDC 159.922

І.І. Галецька

У пошуках свободи: внутрішня свобода як критерій психологічного здоров’я

On the basis of psychological analysis of essence of freedom internal freedom is considered as a criterion and factor of psychological health. The main tasks of different methods of psychotherapy are certain in relation to over coming of personal unfreedom.

Key words: psychological health, personal freedom, self-determination, psychotherapy.


UDC 159.922.6:377

С.В. Герасіна

Асертивна поведінка як передумова формування почуття власної гідності та самоповаги студентської молоді

Theoretical approaches of research of problem of forming of self-respect and self-esteem of student young people are exposed in the article; certainly psychological features of the phenomenon of “assertions”; the specific of in tercommunication is certain specific of assertions with the emotionally valued senses of personality; the results of empiric research, which are instrumental in the exposure of assertions as a psychological condition of forming for the students of self-respect and self-esteem.

Key words: self-respect, self-esteem, assertions, individual style of con duct.


UDC 159.98

Н.М. Гончарук

Психологічні особливості монологічного мовлення як засобу спілкування у дітей підліткового віку

In the article the psychological features of monologue speech are exposed as to the means of intercourse. An author carried out the comparative analysis of broadcasting of children of different categories of statuses – leaders, popular, littlepopular, isolated.

Key words: intercourse, monologue speech, story, description, reflection, proof.


UDC 316.624.2

С. Грабовська, Н. Гребінь

Ціннісно-орієнтаційна сфера осіб із схильністю до маніпулювання у міжособистісних стосунках

In given article deals with values orientations of person with tendency to manipulation in relationship.

Key words: values, values orientations, manipulation, tendency to manipulation.


UDC 159.942.4

А.Я. Гринечко

Характер впливу тривожності на соціально-перцептивні аспекти взаємин в діаді учень – вчитель

In the article an accent is done on illumination of features of display and influence of anxiety on the process of cooperation of teacher and student on the whole and on the social perceptionally aspect of their mutual relations – in particular. Different levels and values of the phenomena of anxiety and social perception are analysed in personality development of schoolboys. The model of cross couplings of anxiety and social perception is pointed in a dyad a stu dent is a teacher.

Key words: fear, alarm, anxiety, mutual relations of student and teacher, intercourses, social perception.


UDC 159.9

О.В. Грицук

Динаміка емоційного вигорання у вчителів впродовж навчального року

A structure, dynamics of the emotional burning out of teachers, is examined in the article, the system of factors which determines it is described.

Key words: emotional burning out, personality deformation, dynamics.


UDC 159.922.73

З.В. Гуріна

Віково-статеві модифікації прояву самостійності у дітей раннього віку

In the article the problem of becoming and forming of independence is considered as personality property of child of early age and age old and sexual differences in the display of the indicated phenomenon.

Key words: personality, child of early age, becoming, forming, age, subject activity.


UDC 159.913

А.В. Гусєва, Л.Г. Комашко

Кризи суспільних систем і психічне здоров’я особистості

This article covers the analysis of the influence of society systems crisis on mental health of a personality. The diverse psychological approaches introduced here are aimed to identify this infuence areas and to explain their mechanisms, indicating the consequences produced by them.

Key words: mental health, mental state, personality, crisis, stress, stress under social changes, mental / psychic disadaptation, identity, identity crisis, financial and economic crisis.


UDC 378.011.3051:159.9]:17.022.1

Н.М. Дідик

Моральні цінності як професійно значуща характеристика особистісної зрілості майбутніх психологів

In the article morality is considered as professionally important line of personality maturity of future psychologists. The results of research of moral values are described among students psychologists.

Key words: morality, values, professionally meaningful description, personality maturity, future psychologist.


UDC 159.923.2057.87

Л.Й. Єзерницький, С.О. Ренке

Соціально-психологічна характеристика студентства періоду пізньої юності

In the article the period of senior youth age and becoming complete ap pearance of “Ya”, and also the stages of his becoming and factors of influence, is examined on this process.

Key words: appearance of “Ya”, youth, social presentation, becoming of personality, social situations, psychological maintenance, conduct, leading activity.


UDC 159.923:27443

М.З. Єсип

Самоактуалізація осіб з різною частотою звернення до релігійних копінг-стратегій

Peculiarties of people who rarely, sometimes and often use religious coping strategies are analysed. If person often use these strategies, he/she assesses others more positive and perceives live more integral, experiencing its fulness.

Key words: religious coping strategies, self-actualization, adults.


UDC 372.3:17.022.2

С.І. Заболоцька

Теоретичні засади дослідження моральної поведінки дошкільників

The article examines the moral behaviour of preschool child personality, process and mechanisms for its functioning and development.

Key words: ambivalence, moral, moral behavior, responsibility, empathy, altruism, conscience.


UDC 159.9 : 17.022 – 057.874

М.І. Заміщак

Психологічні умови становлення моральної самооцінки у молодших школярів

In this article the psychological conditions of moral self-development as a major component of the moral consciousness of younger students. Established level of moral self younger pupils. Empirical study of their performance trajectory of moral development.

Key words: moral self, moral behavior, moral action, moral character, moral norms and moral values.


UDC 159.9 – 053. 6

А.Р. Зимянський

Несформованість моральної саморегуляції як детермінанта виникнення девіантної поведінки підлітків

The unformed moral self-regulation is analyzed as the determinant of origin of deviation conduct of teenagers.

Key words: moral self-regulation, deviation conduct, teenager, moral con sciousness moral self-reflection.


UDC 159.923.5

А.О. Іванченко

Атракція як сінергізуючий фактор у міжособистісних взаємовідносинах та її психо-біоенергетичне значення

The paper is devoted to the study of attraction’s positive influence like a circulating beneficial psycho-bioenergetic stream for the establishment of creative interpersonal interrelations. It has been determined that the attraction activation is caused by the available person’s inclinations to the spiritual development and his tendensy to the self-growth. The direct proportional dependence of the creativity development on the intensity of attractive inter personal manifestations has been revealed.

Key words: attraction, bioenergy, spiritual development, creativity.


UDC 159.922.7

О.В. Ігнатенко

Проблема ціннісних змістів репродуктивної установки у студентської молоді

In the article meaningful structure of the genesial setting of girls and youths is considered in. In the article model of regulation genesis of the genesial setting is given the quantitative analysis of the generalized parameters of the genesial setting.

Key words: maternity, paternity, genesial setting, necessity, identity, valued orientation, youth age.


UDC 616.89008.48:001.8

Н.Л. Калайтан

Особливості прояву синдрому вигоряння в лікарів швидкої медичної допомоги

Curent issue is devoted to understanding the phenomena of professional burnout in emergency physicians. Factor structure of burnout syndrome particularities in emergency physicians is shown. Specifics of burnout syndrome in cases of syndrome forming stages, sex (male and female) and type of working is reflected in current article.

Key words: burnout syndrome, stress factors, emotional vulnerability.


UDC 159.923.2

О.М. Кікінежді

Амбівалентність статеворольових цінностей у життєвому самоздійсненні молоді

The goal of this research is to determine gender perceptions of youth, specifically gender ideals in the self-concept, beliefs about traditional and egalitarian roles, and construction of the real and ideal self. The personal future of youth in their gender scenarios of life can also be described from the point of view of the ambivalen self-determination in which the traditional nature of gender role behaviour of women is connected with marriage domestic sphere to a larger extent, and that of men is connected with the public professional one.

Key words: ambivalent, self-concept, traditional and egalitarian gender roles, value orientation, self-concept.


UDC 159.9

В.В. Кириченко

Диференційованість ціннісного простору як показник розвитку особистості

In article development of the person on the basis of an indicator of development of its valuable consciousness is analyzed. Results of research of differ entiation of valuable consciousness of the person are presented.

Key words: valuable consciousness, development of the person, valuable differentiation.


UDC 316.644:364.62

М.Б. Кліманська

Психологічні особливості ставлення до професії соціального працівника

The article is devoted to the peculiarities of attitude to the profession of social worker. The results of research which was conducted among the students represent the low level of their awareness about the sense of social work and about specialists, which work in this field. The results of research, that was conducted among the future social workers shows the low level of their social well being, resulted by public attitude to their work.

Key words: profession, social work, attitude


UDC 159.922.76:159.923.31

М.Є. Коваль

Позитивне самосприйняття як детермінанта психологічного здоров’я

This article contains a generalisation of the research on the interdependence of self-perception and psychological health of adolescents with psycho-somatic disorders. On the basis of a theoretical analysis and empirical research the differences in the self perception of psychosomatically ill adolescents and their healthy peers were discussed.

Key words: self-perception, psychosomatic disorders, psychological health.


UDC 378:373. 091. 12. 011.3 – 051:37. 064

О.П. Коханова

Дослідження специфіки партнерської взаємодії в процесі фахового навчання майбутніх учителів

The contents and place of partner interaction of teachers and students during vocational training are opened; prevailing types of relations in group interaction of the future teachers are certain and characterized on the basis of the analysis of results of practical research in this article.

Key words: the vocational training, the partner relations, the interaction, the partner interaction.


UDC 159. 923

О.В. Крюкова

Соціальна зрілість особистості у сучасних психологічних дослідженнях

The present article is devoted to the essence, psychological maintenance of social maturity of personality and her components: responsibility, tolerance, self-development; considered are approaches to understanding of psychology of tolerance, responsibility, self-development.

Key words: social maturity of personality, responsibility, tolerance, self-development.



З.С. Кудінова

Особливості функціонування “психосоматичної” сім’ї у дівчат-підлітків з хронічним гастродуоденітом

This article describes the features of patterns in mother child relationships in families where an adolescent is diagnosed with chronic gastroduodenitis. The early recollections of patients, as well as the peculiarities of parental attitudes and strategies that are implemented against children with chronic gastroduodenitis are being analyzed. The factor structure of mother child relationships in psychosomatic family is being submitted.

Key words: chronic gastroduodenitis, psychosomatics, parent child relationships.


UDC 159.923

С.Б. Кузікова

Структурно-змістовий аналіз феномена особистісного саморозвитку

The paper provides a definition and discusses the essential characteristics of personal self-evolution. Distinguish it structurally meaningful components, patterns actual genesis. Analyzes the author’s approach to the development of diagnostic features of self-identity.

Key words: personal self-evolution, self activity, identity, livelihoods, actualization, self-development resources, actual genesis self-evolution.


UDC 37. 015. 3

І.В. Кукуленко-Лук’янець

Психологія жінки-творця у міфологічних системах світу

The article is devoted to the problem of capacity of the woman to the worldcreation and creativity in the whole. The mythological worlds’ systems are analyzed in which woman is a subject of creation. The article lights up the influence of mythological imaginations about woman on her position in the modern society.

Key words: mythological worlds’ systems, feminine, creative, world creation, lifecreative activity, subject of the creation.


UDC 378.637

Н.І. Левус

Ціннісні орієнтації у системі життєставлень сучасної молоді

Maintenance and concrete displays of the valued orientations of young people is considered in the article. Correlation of the valued orientations and personality relations as a condition of self-determination of personality was investigated. In the structure of the valued orientations of modern youth a primary place is occupied by moral values. Activity of personality is the basic factor of their forming.

Key words: valued orientations, relations to life, self-determination, goal setting.


UDC 374,7 (498)

М.П. Лещенко, І.О. Маріуц

Освіта дорослих у Румунії: реалії й перспективи

A description of the context is provided and some of the elements, which are specific to the Romanian context, are emphasized this way. At a moment, references to the educational policy, professional development, individual needs and social pressures are brought into discussion. In the end, this paper takes a closer look at some ideas for the improvement of the present situation in Ukraine.

Key words: Adult education, adult education in Romania, LLL programs.


UDC 316.6 (045)

М.Ю. Луценко

Фрустрація потреби у власності як чинник ціннісно-смислових деформацій

The article discusses the need for the property as an instinctive, basic human requirement, which contributes to human self-preservation, self-revelation and self actualization; levels of realization of this need are distinguished, the effects of its frustration for the development of value semantic sphere of the individual and society are analyzed.

Key words: need for property, frustration, values.


UDC 155.2 + 155.5

Д.В. Лущикова

Цінність саморозвитку особистості в інформаційному суспільстві

This article deals to considering the value of Personality’s self-development in Information Society into two aspects: the first one is its social and individual spirit potential, and the second one is its realization in the activity of single Personality.

Key words: Information Society, values, self development of Personal ity, self-transforming activity, spirituality, propensity to self-changing, continual hierarchical structure of Personality.


UDC 159.947.5:331.101.8 ”7124”

О.П. Ляска

Ціннісно-мотиваційні аспекти професійного самовизначення студентства

The article deals with modern approaches to the problem of professional self as a process of self-realization. Results of experimental investigation of motivational sphere as a premise of value students’ professional self have been produced. Descriptive program of psychological accompaniment of specialist forming in conditions of institute of higher education has been determined.

Key words: professional self, value orientations, motivational sphere, purpose, professional plans.


UDC 159.95

C.О. Мащак

Комунікативна компетентність особистості як соціально-психологічна проблема

The article discusses peculiarities of individual competence in the process of communication as an essential condition of social being and socialization of the individual. A program of training sessions as an effective means of developing communicative competence of the individual.

Key words: communicative competence, communication, social and psychological training, communicative situation, cooperation.


UDC 37.018.1:81028.1053.4

С.А. Михальська

Особливості родинного спілкування як чинника комунікативно-мовленнєвого розвитку дитини дошкільного віку

In this article presented theoretical approaches to the problem of inter course in psychology pedagogical literature, factors and criteria of thinking in words development of preschool child.

Key words: development of intercourse, preschool child, speech, parents, thinking in words development.


UDC 159.98:616.1

А.В. Михальський, В.І. Співак

Організація психотерапевтичної допомоги хворим на гіпертонічну хворобу

The article discusses the basic causes and mechanisms of hypertension, psychosocial characteristics of patients. Highlights the key principles and features of psychotherapeutic treatment of the sick.

Key words: hypertension, blood pressure, personality traits, treatment, psychotherapy.



О.М. Молчанова

Становлення совісті особистості в юнацькому віці

The theoretical inspection of psichologic research info the problem of development of conscience and its components at young age is given in the article. The results of the experimental investigation of this problem in the age and the sex aspect are given here.

Key words: conscience, moral self-awareness, moral knowledge, moral values, responsibility, self-control, empatia.


UDC 37.035.7:17.022

М.С. Муравська

Моральна самооцінка як конструктивний елемент моральної самосвідомості військових курсантів

This article reveals main psychological parameters of moral self-concept of a personality – its essence, structure, functions and development. The role of self-concept as a significant guideline influencing moral behaviour and life activity of a man is substantiated. Peculiarities of the structure of military cadets’ self-concept is empirically investigated and described.

Key words: self-concept, moral self-concept, moral consciousness, moral self-consciousness, pretension level, reflexion.


UDC 159.922.73

М.І. Мушкевич

Психічний розвиток дітей з особливим потребами дошкільного віку

The article presents contemporary approaches to the concept of “children with special needs.” The author highlighted the concepts of mental development of children with physical and mental dysfunctions. Based on theoretical analysis and self-practical work with children with special needs, the main diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to stimulate their mental development are illustrated.

Key words: mental development, children with special needs, dysontogenesis, abnormal development, pre school age.


UDC 378.637

Е.Л. Носенко, Н.В. Грисенко

Новий підхід до дослідження “цінностей у дії”: переваги, досвід, застосування для вивчення чинників емоційного вигорання педагога

The paper presents the description of a new inventory “Values in action” (VIA), recently designed [M. Selingman, C. Peterson, N.Park, 2004] for inves tigating personality “positive values” (virtues), sticking to which facilitates the formation of the so called “character strengths”. The results of empirical research using VIA Inventory are analyzed in the light of the role of ad equately identified character strengths in preventing teacher’s burnout. Pros pects of other possible application of the new inventory are discussed.

Key words: emotional burnout, preventing teacher’s burnout, “positive” values, “signature” character strengths.


UDC 159.95

Е.Л. Носенко, О.Б. Харченко

Стилі та форми прояву гумору як гіпотетичні аспекти імпліцитної діагностики психологічного здоров’я

A brief review of the modern research results of different styles and forms of humor manifestation is given. The probability of the connection of humor realization peculiarities with the characteristics of the personality inner world and the possibility to realize on the basis of it the implicit diagnostics of mental health are substantiated.

Key words: humor, mental health, implicit diagnostics, cognitive experiential theory, positive psychology.


UDC 159.922.6+316.752

О.В. Овчаренко

Пізнання цінностей суб’єкта методом активного соціально-психологічного навчання

The problem of perception of the values by means of active social and psychological education (ASPE) method is elucidated in the article. The main principles of functioning of psyche in interconnection with deep laid psychological values, which determine the subject’s behaviour, are analyzed herein.

Key words: the axiology, the value, the active social and psychological education, self-contradictions psyches.


UDC 373.5.016:811.112.2:159.9

І.Л. Онуфрієва, Л.А. Онуфрієва

Проблеми самостійної роботи студентів у процесі оволодіння іноземною мовою (на дослідженні студентів немовних спеціальностей вишу)

The article opens the issue of independent work of students in the process of mastering their foreign language. Reform of secondary, vocational and higher education provides to increase percentage of independent cognitive activity in learning, which is an important prerequisite for further self-education. The purpose of the educational process had higher in – the ability of students to self-employment as personality traits.

Key words: independent study, self-learning activities, self, samokeruvannya, personality, independent, foreign language acquisition.


UDC 159.923:316.6

О.М. Павленко

Теоретично-психологічні основи дослідження соціальної компетентності дошкільників

The problems of social competence are considered in different scientific spheres: policy, psychology, pedagogics, sociology and philosophy. Functions, maintenance and structures of social competence are selected and described. Influence of the different programs of preschool education is also examined on forming of social competence of children.

Key words: socialization, skills of cooperation, self-realization, feeling, intercourse, verbal competence, operative social competence, communicative competence, ego competence.


UDC 159.9:316.45

О.В. Павлова

Спотворення інформації в міжособовій взаємодії в контексті загальнолюдських цінностей

The article highlights the phenomenon of information distortion in the platform of interaction. The main approaches to the definition of disinformation, analyzes the current views of nature and deceptive data translation factors, including a focus on the moral aspects of transfer of false information by the communicator.

Key words: information distortion, deceit, lies and disinformation, deception to good, moral fraud.


UDC 159.923.2

Т.С. Панченко

Аксіологічний вимір ставлення молоді до права

The article presents the theoretico psycological analysis of connection between youth people’s attitude to law and the characteristics of individual’s value orientations. The essence of the youth’s attitude to law as the emotional component of legal consciousness is coming to light. Empirical research re sults of correlation between individual’s main values and his attitude to law are also under analysis.

Key words: legal socialization, legal consciousness, attitude to law, value, value orientations of the individual.


UDC 159.938.363.7:124.5057.87

Т.Б. Партико

Термінальні цінності студентів молодших курсів з різним рівнем хронічної втоми

Terminal values of the first-second year’s students with different chronic tiredness are investigated. It is revealed that material and family values are the most important for the chronically tired students. There is no difference for other terminal values in comparison with students who have low level of chronic tiredness. It is suggested that terminal values play the least role in moderately tired student’s lives.

Key words: terminal values, chronic tiredness, students.


UDC: 378:005.745:061.3(477)

С.Ю. Пащенко

Становлення особистості професіонала в інтегративному освітньому середовищі

The article is devoted to the problem of the Ukrainian higher education integration into the European and worldwide educational space through the participation of the professors and students of the Ukrainian Higher Educa tional Establishments in the processes of academic mobility inside international academic projects.

Key words: integration, international academic projects, mobility, higher school, students, lecturers, Bologna process, European academic space, international academic program ERASMUS MUNDUS, mastery, social inclusion.


UDC 159.922.76:616.89

О.М. Перепада

Синдром дефіциту уваги та гіперактивності як медико-психологічна проблема

The question of features of motion of syndrome of deficit of attention and hyperactivity (SDAH) its diagnostics and correction is considered in Europe and the USA. The problem of timely exposure and complex correction of SDAH are outlined in Ukraine. The role of psychological service of the system of education in early diagnostics and timely correction of disease is defined.

Key words: hyperactivity, syndrome of deficit of attention and hyperactivity, behavior, impulsiveness, disorder of attention.


UDC 159.923.33

Н.І. Пилат

Лояльність персоналу в умовах мотивації професійної діяльності

The article analyzes the personal factors and situational factors in the formation of employee loyalty. The study involved employees of public, private and public organizations. The study found that workers with high levels of loyalty characterize the following motivational factors recognition, career orientation and employment stability. In private organizations and market corporate culture is the highest level of loyalty.

Key words: loyalty, motivation, career orientation, job satisfaction, psychological atmosphere, organizational culture.


UDC 37.015.3 (045)

О.Ю. Пилипчук

Формування професійного образу “Я” майбутніх менеджерів

In article formation of a professional image “I” of the future managers is considered. The accent in article becomes for student’s years when the youth tries to rethink the separate lines, qualities and to define the further development that “the I ideal expert” leads to formation of an image. Conformity of this image with possibilities of the person promotes internal readiness for the realized and independent formation, correction and realization of prospects of the personal and professional development.

Key words: a professional image “I”, the student, high school, about fessionalnaja an orientation, professional self perception.


UDC 159.923.5

О.О. Прокоф’єва

Змістові та процесуальні аспекти спецкурсу-тренінгу запобігання маніпулятивним міжособистісним стосункам у юнацькому віці

The article is dedicated to the problem of manipulative interpersonal relations in adolscence videlicet to the questions of creation of psychological conditions of its precaution. Substantive and processual aspects of training special course of study are described in the article. The aim of this special course of study is creation of psychological conditions of precaution of manipulative interpersonal relations. The author formulates purpose and objectives of training, principles and methods of work. Special place in the article takes presentation of structure of special course of study for risk group “manipulators”.

Key words: adolscence, training, precaution of manipulative interpersonal relations.


UDC 316.47

Н.В. Процко

Ідеальна модель соціально-психологічної структури атракції практичного психолога

This article is sacred to consideration of interpersonality attraction as a social attitude. The ideal model of socialpsychological structure of attraction of practical psychologist is shown out on the basis of theoretical analysis and empiric research.

Key words: attraction, interpersonality interaction, socialpsychological structure of attraction.


UDC 159.223:331.36

А.С. Пятакова

Детермінанти формування стратегії професійного розвитку особистості в організаційному середовищі

The article presents the definition of strategy of professional development and its types and the main condition for construction of such strategies. A structure of psychological determinants for personal forming of his/her own strategy of professional development.

Key words: strategy of professional development, personal activity.


UDC 373.2.016

С.Ш. Раджабова

Взаємозв’язок захисного механізму ідентифікації та умовних цінностей суб’єкта

At the articles elicited were in depth psychological features of subject’s identification with primary libido objects as a form of defense, as well as its liaison with conventional values

Key words: identification; introjection; Edipus dependence; conventional values; personality problem; internal contradictoriness of psychics.


UDC 159.923.2

С.О. Ренке

Захисні механізми особистості як фактор збереження цілісності “Я” – структури

In the article the processes of forming of integral personality and mechanisms of defence are examined in case of occurring of conflict situations in this process, and also types of nocifensors and types of their influence on the structure of appearance of “I” of personality.

Key words: appearance of “I”, personality, mechanisms of defence, conflict, conduct, experiencing, personality descriptions.


UDC 159.923.2:17.022.1

Л.В. Романюк

Фактори становлення цінностей особистості в процесі інтеракцій

In given article are results of research values’ becoming in interpersonal relations by method of supervision over groups in a laboratory situation are analyzed. The carried out factor analysis of value statements has allocated four orthogonal factors of values: I. Power acceptance; ІІ. Antagonism be tween expression requirement and value of abstention; ІІІ. Equalitarianism; ІV. Individualism. Factors which activized person’s values’ becoming of participants in process interactions are isolated conceptually.

Key words: becoming of values, valuable statements, a profile of values, orthogonal factors of values, interactions, interpersonal relations


UDC 159.9:37

М.В. Савчин

Християнське духовне виховання і самовиховання

Analyses peculiarity spiritual work and reasons for spiritual education and spiritual self-education.

Key words: spiritual work, love, spiritual education, self-education.


UDC: 159.923.2:323.2

І.І. Семків

Індивідуальні цінності як психологічні механізми формування соціального капіталу

The article analyzes current theories and values of social capital as a mechanism for its formation. An empirical description of the study of values and social capital of youth. Proved that prosotsialni values and value openness to change are the main motivation mechanisms of acquiring social capital.

Key words: values, social capital, resource, open to change.


UDC 159.923:159.937.53057.87

О.М. Сеник, Т.Б. Партико

Роль часової перспективи студентів молодших курсів у самоактуалізації особистості

Time perspective of the first and second course students of the humanities has been studied. It was established that present hedonistic and past positive orientations are prevalent. It was found that self-actualization is connected with the decrease of past time orientation. Students with developed features of self-actualization are focused on present hedonistic, and those with lower level of self-actualization features have developed past negative orientation.

Key words: time perspective, self-actualization, students.


UDC 159.93 : 336.74.009

М.В. Сімків

Тип ставлення до оточуючих як чинник монетарних установок

In the article the presented research of intercommunication of attitude is toward a money and psychological features of personality. Investigational influence of subjective control and as interpersonality mutual relations on attitude of probed toward a money. Found out dependence between subjective control in the different spheres of activity and money settings, and also found out intercommunication between the money attitude and such types of attitude toward circumferential, as aggressive, selfish, suspicious and authori tarian.

Key words: attitude toward a money, money settings, subjective control, interpersonality co-operation.


UDC 373.2.016:37.017.4

І.О. Стовбун

Ціннісне ставлення дітей дошкільного віку до іншої людини

In the article the essence of concept “The valued attitude toward other man” is specified in the context of its forming for the children of senior pre school age. Theoretically psychological bases of forming of the valued relation of under fives are determined on the basis of analysis of scientific litera ture. Essence, structure, features and mechanisms of forming of the valued attitude toward other man are considered. It is proved that child’s contacts with adults and persons of the same age, attitude of a company toward a pupil, valued orientations of meaningful adults have an influence on the process of forming of the valued attitude toward other man.

Key words: valued orientations, relation, structure of relation, valued relation, value of other man.


UDC 378: 373. 37.015.3: 159.947.5

О.А. Столярчук

Динаміка мотивації фахового навчання майбутніх учителів

The issues of forming of motivational readiness of future teachers are in process examined to professional activity. The analysis of results of complex research of dynamics of the professionally directed motivation of students of the pedagogical university is carried out on the stage of the vocational training.

Key words: the professional activity, the pedagogical orientation, the vocational training, the motivation of the choice of profession, the motivation of the vocational training.


UDC 152.32

Х.І. Турецька

Особливості особистісної ідентичності користувачів інтернету як чинник Інтернет-адикції

In the article proanalizirovany rezultaty empiricheskogo issledovaniya osobennostyei lichnostnoi identichnosti polzovatelyei Interneta i vyyavlena spetsifika lichnostnoi identichnosti kak faktora predraspolozhennosti k Internet zavisimosti. Takzhe privedeny harakteristiki kognitivnogo, affektivnogo, chasovogo, mezhdu lichnostnogo, dyeyatelnostnogo i tsennostnogo aspekta lichnostnoi identichnosti sklonnyh k Internet zavisimosti chelovek.

Key words: Internet zavisimoste, lichnostnaya identichnoste, diffuziya identichnosti.


UDC 159.922

Ю.Н. Фархутдінова

Внутрішній конфлікт як одна з причин агресивної поведінки підлітків

In the article in theory reasons of origin of aggressiveness are analyzed for teenagers. The results of empiric research of influence of internal conflict are presented on the aggressive conduct of teenagers.

Key words: teenager, aggressiveness, internal conflict.


UDC 159.9 – 055.82

Р.М. Хавула

Психолого-педагогічні чинники формування психологічної готовності юнаків до батьківства

The analysis of psychological readiness of youths to paternity is given in the article. The levels of the systems of factor influences are selected and the pedagogical and psychological factors of forming of paternity are considered at every system level. An accent is done on forming of certain model of paternity.

Key words: paternity, maternity, factor, readiness to paternity, public influence, paternal family.


UDC 159.9

О.Б. Цешнатій

Психодинаміка автономії Арно Грюєна

Arno Gruen’s psychodynamics main topics are reviewed and dealt with in the paper. The mechanisms of conformity are discussed, the experiences leading to the betrayal of the Self are explained. The relation of conformity to aggression and destructiveness isexamined. The review is followed with an integral model of the psychopathological picture of conformist consciousness, and possible requirements for а successful intervention are suggested.

Key words: psychodynamics, conformity, autonomy, aggression.


UDC 378.011.3 (477.43) “1918/1920”:159.9


Цінність психолого-педагогічних поглядів Л.Т. Білецького у Кам’янець-Подільському державному українському університеті (1918-1920 рр.)

Scientific activity of L.T. Biletsky is examined in the article, it is directed on the study of problem of becoming and development of psychological and pedagogical science, in the context of activity of Kamyanets Podilskiy state Ukrainian university (1918-1921).

Key words: history of psychology, pedagogics, L.T. Biletsky, development of personality, Podillya.


UDC : 336

О.М. Чигир

Глибинні мотиви фінансової поведінки особистості: теоретичне вивчення феномена

The article deals with the main theoretical studies of financial behavior of a person. Different people’s money behavior strategies are overviewed. Main aspects of profound motivation of financial behavior are analyzed. There are fore motive for such behavior: feeling of safety, ambition for power, ambition for love and ambition for freedom.

Key words: financial behavior, money, hedonistic focus, money making, debts, hierarchy of money making strategies, strategies of expenditure, profound moti vation of financial behavior, types of financial behavior, money attitudes.


UDC 316.62053.6

С.М. Чолій

Мотиваційно-ціннісний аспект соціальної активності молоді

Motivational and personal peculiarities of youth social activity are analyzed in the article. The differences in the level of social activeness are described in the group of youth, which is involved into NGO. The adaptation of modified scale of social activity of M. Lewicka is presented.

Key words: social activity, public activity, personal motivational sphere.


UDC 159.922.7

А.В. Шамне

Теоретико-методологічні засади дослідження психосоціального розвитку особистості в період дорослішання

In the article theoretical bases of research of psychosocial development are analysed in ontogenesis. A system look is grounded to the period from 11 to 21 year as transitional from childhood to the grown man.

Key words: psychosocial development, childhood, grown man, ontogenesis, methodology, reorganization, structures of development.


UDC 159.923

С.І. Шевченко

Багатоаспектність казкотерапії як напрямку сучасної практичної психології

The article describes the advantages of using fairy tales in psychotherapy of children. It contains main principles of the psychological analyses applied to fairy tales composed by children. Apart from this, the author explores the main functions of fairy tales and possibilities that arise for the client in fairy tale therapy.

Key words: fairy, fairy tale therapy, testing, correction, development.


UDC 159.923

З.М. Шевчук

Особливості психологічного змісту духовних цінностей особистості та їх розвиток у виховному діапазоні

The article deals with scientific and religious views, concepts of spiritual values. The theoretical materials, which point the importance and necessity of study of spiritual values in psychology, are also proved. The article indicates the line of development of spiritual values in the education.

Key words: values, spiritual values, personality, development, methods of upbringing.



О.С. Шило

Вплив рівня впевненості у собі на прояв креативності студентів педагогічних спеціальностей

The changes in society and system of education raise the standard of preparation of students of pedagogical institutes. Development of creativity and creative individuality will further to the increase of competence and professionalism of future teachers. The question of influencing of level of self-confidence on the demonstration of creativity future teachers is considered in the article.

Key words: creativity, individuality, originality, self-confidence, creative self-development.


UDC 159.922.8:159.924.7

А.О. Широка

Емпіричне дослідження процесу сепарації в дочірньо-материнських стосунках дівчат юнацького віку

The process of becoming adult in late adolescent girls is analysed through the perspective of separation and achieving autonomy. The main focus is on the role of (the) mother, the girl’s inner experience of her mother’s attitude towards her as she becomes more mature. Statistical and qualitative analyses of data identify five empirically distinct and phenomenologically coherent types of late adolescent girl mother relationships during separation.

Key words: separation, autonomy, self=regulation, mother – daughter relationships.


UDC 159.923.2055.26:613.86

О.С. Шишук

Соціально-психологічні характеристики та особливості психічних станів жінок із небажаною вагітністю

The article analyzes the socially psychological characteristics and features of mental states of women with unwanted pregnancy. Analyzed the psychological characteristics of mental states of pregnant women. Explored of socially psychological characteristics of women with undesirable pregnancy and features self-perception of pregnancy.

Kew words: psychological health of woman, self-perception of pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, anxiety, aggression, frustration, personal uneasiness, situational uneasiness.


UDC 159.923.2

О.С. Штепа

Формування умінь самоменеджменту методом соціально-психологічного тренінгу в гуманістичній парадигмі

The results of theoretical and empirical research formation function self-management students, teachers and staff-management areas young profes sionals.

Key words: self-management , training skills self-organization .


UDC 159.923.2

І.М. Щербакова

Духовний вимір психологічного здоров’я особистості в сучасному глобалізованому просторі

The article is devoted to consideration of role of education in the process of person’s psychological health forming and its spiritual measurement, in particular, in conditions of globalization of social changes.

Key words: psychological, psychical health, personality, spirituality.


UDC 159.922.6.055.2

О.К. Яковенко

Особливості структури любові та очікувань щодо образу чоловіка серед дівчат з гармонічних та дисгармонічних родин

The article was devoted to the research of gender attitudes and settings about relationships with men among young girls from harmonious and dishar monious families. The distribution of expectations about the image of men, was demonstrated. The differences in the perception of female image among young girls from control and experimental groups were determined. The features in the structure of love among the subjects were identified.

Key words: gender attitudes, disharmonic family, the structure of love, the male image.


UDC 159.922

Л.В. Дзюбко

Психологічні проблеми переходу учнів з молодшої до основної школи

Article is devoted to the peculiarities of the transition from junior to secondary schools. The specific situation of development and learning of students at this stage of school life are emphasized. Objective changes in the organization of the educational process, age and individual characteristics of children, which may cause difficulties in the transition from primary to secondary school are distinguished in the article.

Key words: psychological readiness to learn in high school, transition from junior to high school, junior adolescence.