Issue 12

UDC 159.923

С.Д. Максименко

Методологічні проблеми психології особистості у сучасному вимірі

The article explores the methodological problems of personality psychology in the modern context. The author managed to realize a unique look at how the internal world model human realizuyuchys in experience, builds the very fabric of life of their own mental states and to overcome the simplistic logic mechanistic approach to the definition of personality that emerges as a kind of mapping the world in which to live.

Key words: methodological problems, personality psychology, the inner picture of the world, people, experiences, reflection, life experience.


UDC 316.362:316.6

О.В. Айрапетян, Д.В. Логвінова

Психологічні особливості сімейних відносин у сучасних моно– та поліетнічних сім’ях

This article contains information of the theoretical and experimental nature of the problem of marital relationships in mono and multi ethnic families. Features of interpersonal relations are investigated in connection with the social and psychological transformation which take place in our society (globalization and informatization of society).

Key words: marital relationships, psychological combination, mono ethnic family, multiethnic family, marriage satisfaction, family values, role adequacy, meaning the actual state.


UDC 159.9 (075.8)

О.А. Андрущенко

Відповідальна статева поведінка молоді як науково–психологічний феномен

Article deals with the issue of responsible sexual behavior. On the basis of psychological research literature to the analysis of research and theoretical and practical contribution of individual authors in a scientific theoretical and practical base for the formation of responsible sexual behavior.

Key words: sexuality, sexual behavior, responsible sexual behavior, youth.


UDC 159.923.2051

Н.О. Антонова

Темпераментальні детермінанти готовності до професійної діяльності у студентів психологічного факультету

The present study, conducted by the copyright psychodiagnostic procedures, aims to study the features of the relationship between temperamental personality traits of students of the psychological faculties (force, activity) and their level of preparedness for professional work. The results showed that the more important for the professional psychologist is such a characterization as “activity”, however, the best you can accept a combination of high strength and high activity, ie the sanguine temperament type.

Key words: temperament, strength, activity, commitment to the profession, identity and motivation.


UDC 159.922.2

Л.М. Балецька

Відповідальність як індикатор формування успішної ідентичності

The object of the research article is dynamic changes of the concept “responsibility” as the indicator of successful identity formation in the context of life systems. It’s subsequent effect on subjectivity of feelings “success”, “goal setting” is being traced. The article carries out theoretical SWOT analysis of specific attributes of certain morally responsible life scenarios: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of behavioral vector internality externalisticity.

Key words: “responsibility”, life system, “successful identity”, “attribution of success”.


UDC 373.51

Б.В. Барчі

Вивчення мотивів вибору професії у психологічних дослідженнях

An overview and analysis of problems motivated the choice of profession. On the basis of studying the psychological literature clarifies the theoretical and practical contribution of scientists from the abovementioned issues, highlights the criteria for deciding on the choice of profession. The role of repeated motifs in professional self-determination associated with the transition to a new occupation, acquisition of new professional knowledge, skills and abilities, adapting to a new profession because of reconstruction became a professional “self-concept”.

Key words: motivation, professional development, reasons for choosing the profession, unemployed.


UDC 159.9

М.С. Барчій

Психолого–педагогічні підходи до формування професійно–особистісних якостей педагога

In the article analyzed psychological and pedagogical views on the professional personal qualities of a teacher, approaches to definitions of this notion and considered point of view of scientists to detect a complex of professional personal qualities of a teacher.

Key words: professional qualities, personal qualities, subject teacher.


UDC 378.1:159.923.2:005.336.5

Г.Б. Бердник

Генезис процесу формування професійної стійкості майбутнього фахівця в період навчання у ВНЗ

In the scientific article the basic conceptual positions concerning definition of a problem of firmness in a modern psychological science are considered. Under the analysis of the psychological literature, substantive provisions of the concept of psychological firmness of the person and the experimental researches devoted to the given problem, it is revealed that quality of psychological firmness characterizes the mature person who has high level of intellectual and ethical culture, advanced creative abilities. It predetermines a rarity, if not uniqueness of the proof person. In article the structure of the basic components of professional firmness of the future practical psychologist is described: motivational, connotive, it is reflective tsennosnyj also reguljativno strong willed components. Empirical research was based on S.Maddi’s theory which is based on studying of problems of creative potential of the person and stress regulation.

Key words: professional firmness, the person, motivation, “hardiness”, self-affirmation, creativity, stress, psychological formation.


UDC 37.013.77.

І.М. Білецька

Особливості рефлексії професійної діяльності молодих викладачів вишу

Problemi training and education of the person, just get her socially and at the same time an independent line of life focused attention of philosophers and sociologists, psychologists and educators. Only moralist, cultural, professional person can teach another to form and cultural identity. With the development of teacher reflection in teacher vyshu related solutions to many fundamentally important questions: self preparation for the pedagogical area (primarily a departure from the patterns and stereotypes), making the program requirements to himself to the process and result of professional activities, awareness of the meaning of pedagogical component profession, acquiring an interested, critical attitude to its different aspects, consistent enrichment of professional experience in educational activities, bringing them to the level of current psychological and educational and cultural needs. It is known that reflection have not developed all the teachers, respectively there is a need not only to diagnose a reflexive action and thinking skills to a professional, but compensate by developing reflexive culture that ought to ensure that the vocational and pedagogical thinking in the educational process. This article presents an analysis of the main features of the problem of reflection and the most promising directions for its further development, as well as basic research has been directed to the undoubted value of reflection in educational activities, referred to the causes that impede the development of reflection and the kinds of reflections and reflection characteristics of young teachers.

Key words: reflection, a young teacher, self-awareness, educational activities.


UDC 316.6 – 057.875

М.Б. Боднар

Особливості особистісного зростання студентської молоді: етнопсихологічний аспект

The article characterizes the peculiarities of students’ youth self-actualization with reference to the content, structure and hierarchy of ethno-psychological life orientations. Some definite psychological factors of boosting personality’s self-actualization, which have not found enough actualization in ethnic self-consciousness, have been distinguished.

Key words: self-actualization, personality’s development, ethno-psychological life orientations, ethnic identification, students’ youth.


UDC 159.922.27

І.І. Брецко

Психологічна симптоматика емоційного вигорання особистості

The article deals with the psychological features of the emotional burnout of person. Basic essential signs and symptoms of the psycho-emotional burnout are predetermined, principles of its negative influence on personality activity are considered.

Key words: personality, emotional disorders, emotional burnout, symptoms of psycho emotional burnout.


UDC 159.922.8

Т.Ю. Бубряк

Деякі аспекти дослідження проблеми самоідентичності

Current research is devoted to the urgent problem – the self-identity. In this article the problem of psychological analysis of self-identity proved its complexity and ambiguity of interpretations, the essence and structure of self-identity, demonstrates the value of its formation, the development of personality. A comparison of the results of the theoretical studies and foreign scholars are in this issue.

Key words: self-identity, self, personal and professional self-identity.


UDC 159.9

І.С. Булах

Історичний екскурс за логікою етапів становлення консультативної психології

On the basis of historical experience stages of medical and non medical psychotherapy vyokremlyuyetsya clear space consulting psychology as a new, autonomous from the first, the field of psychological knowledge, aimed at the professional training of the psychologist consultant.

Key words: psychotherapy, counseling, consulting psychology, psychotherapist, counselor, psychologist and consultant.


UDC 316.752.4

І.В. Ващенко, Л.В. Кондрацька

Фактори, що сприяють виникненню сімейних конфліктів

The article provides the experimental study of factors that contribute to the emergence of family conflicts. Revealed that most family conflicts caused by the following factors: dissatisfaction with the needs of its significance, “I” disrespect of the dignity of the partner; deteriorating financial condition of the family; Not able to find employment, continued lack of housing; dissatisfaction needs in positive emotions; inadequate role expectations; incompatibility of character, conflict, brutality, aggression, variation in views on compatible married life, parenting, attitude to parents or relatives, restrictions on freedom of action activity, express family members, family control, loss of child phobia parent sexual disharmony partners marriage and others. It was found that family conflict affect the psychological state of each family member. It is shown that frequency of marital conflict, family conflict duration and method of their solution depends on the type of family (crisis, conflict, problem).

Key words: emotional sphere, family conflicts, a conflictness, uneasiness, aggression.


UDC 159.922.1

І.В. Ващенко

Професійна успішність працівників правоохоронної сфери: онтологія проблематики

The article deals with the problem of professional success. The comparative analyses of scientific approaches is held. The psychologycal determinantes of professional success MEA employers are identified.

Key words: successful operation, law enforcement, MEA employers are identified, professional success.


UDC 159.9

О.Ю. Воронова

Рефлексія педагога–вихователя: принципи та особливості дослідження

The theoretical analysis of the reflection concept is given in the article. heoretical and methodological aspects and technological principles of studying the reflection phenomenon are analyzed in the article. The presented research allows to consider a reflexion as: an independent phenomenon, an element of pedagogical activity, a development indicator of the creative potential of the teacher, reflective abilities of the teacher.

Key words: reflexion, selfreflexion, professional reflexion, professionalism, psychological competence, reflective competence, professional orientation, self-development, self-improvement.


UDC 159.923.2 + 159.923.32

В.І. Вус

Особливості аксіогенезу підлітків у процесі релігійної освіти

This article studies the problem of the formative influence on value semantic realm of teenagers. It discovers the peculiarities of personality axiogenesis of teenagers, alumni of religious educational institutions in Ukraine. Further it discusses the results of implemented empirical study, which included hierarchical value systems of both positive and negative levels. This article compares the axiogenesis characteristics of teenage pupils of traditional and spiritual educational institutions.

Key words: аxiogenesis, religious education, religious moral values, value orientations of personality.


UDC 376056.36:81028.31

О.В. Гаврилов

Емоційно збагачені ситуації та їхній вплив на розвиток мовлення дітей з помірною і тяжкою розумовою відсталістю

The groups of children with moderate and hard backwardness divided by the level of their speech development are overlooked in the article and the effectiveness of the usage of the emotionally reached situations as one of the directions of the speech correction in the conditions of the special house for invalid children is defined in the article.

Key words: emotionally reached situations, speech, children with moderate and hard backwardness, corrective work.


UDC 159.9.07

Л.О. Гапоненко

Модель розвитку рефлексивного спілкування в студентів–психологів та критерії її виміру

In article the structurally functional model of development of reflective dialogue is considered, its structural components are opened, four stages of new growths of reflective dialogue are shined, criteria and levels of readiness of students psychologists are presented to use reflective dialogue in professional work.

Key words: a reflection, reflective dialogue, empathy, tolerance.


UDC: 159.9

Н.В. Гаркавенко, І.І. Солійчук, Я.В. Чаплак

Формування готовності психолога-практика до консультативної взаємодії на основі особистісно-акмеосинергетичного підходу

The article delves into the problem of psychologist’s personal and professional features formation according to the ideal model of the psychologist professional activity; personal and acmeological approach as a psychological and pedagogical principle is discussed; based on this principle, personal and acmeological model of psychologist preparedness and the programme and methods of the programme components formation (theoretical, practical and personal) are discussed in the process specialist of psychological service training.

Key words: personal and professional features, acme forms, personal and acmeological approach, personal and acmeological model of psychologist preparedness.


UDC: 37.015

Н.В. Гаркавенко, Я.В. Чаплак

Зміст і механізми соціалізації підлітків в умовах родинної депривації

The article describes the content and mechanisms of socialization of teenagers in family deprivation. Proved that family deprivation affects the development of identity and self-awareness, creating difficulties in implementing individual.On the basis of features described interpretations, we can conclude that in a family’s deprivation are often violations of socialization mechanisms, causing their specificity, which is determined by the peculiarities of social and psychological impact in social situation,in which the teenager.

Key words: mechanisms of socialization of teenagers, family deprivation, identification, consciousness, social and psychological impacts, the social situation of development.


UDC 37.015.3

Є.Л. Гергель

До проблеми зв’язку креативності з психопатологією (на прикладі дослідження акцентуацій характеру в підлітковому віці)

The article presents a certain approach to the problem of creativity and psychopathology, the analysis of the investigations made abroad and by our native psychologists provides the ability to the author to come to the conclusion as for misunderstanding the notions mentioned as the same ones. The results of the author’s own empirical investigation proved the hypothesis concerning the absence of any correlations between teenagers’ cognitive abilities and accentuations, which are marked as being affective, emotive and stubborn.

Key words: anticipation, creativity, creative abilities, character accentuations, schizophrenia.


UDC 159.922.7:316.647.5

Г.В. Гладуш

Формування толерантності як основи позитивних міжособистісних стосунків у підлітковому віці

The article deals with the problem of interrelation of tolerance of a teenager personality as the bases for the improvement of sphere of his/her interpersonality cooperation. The results of the research of features of tolerant displays are described. In particular it is specified that the tolerance of teenagers has mainly the middle level of expression while personality tolerance yields a situational and ethnic tolerance. Experimentally is proven that some kinds of communicative intolerance have cross correlation with teenager’s propensity to aggression, that’s why a suggestion about the necessity of forming teenager tolerance is forwarded, which will serve not only the condition of improvement of mutual social relations but also will be an instrument to decline their aggressiveness.

Key words: tolerance, communicative tolerance, aggression, aggres siveness.


UDC 159.922.7+37.018.1

О.Ю. Горбачова

Сімейне виховання як чинник формування ціннісних орієнтацій дошкільника

The article is devoted to the problems of the psychology of family life education, the latter the author considers as one of the factors of formation of value orientations of a preschooler, relates to the microenvironment the establishment of its semantic sphere. To the analysis of proposed senior preschool age, as such, that is a starting point in the development of the semantic sphere and therefore requires significant attention from the part of all development agents: parents, educators, close environment. The author analyzes the main problems of family education, which lead to inadequate development of the semantic sphere of the child. We propose a version of the most effective formation of value orientations in the family.

Key words: semantic sphere, valued orientations, family, patronage.


UDC 159.9423.2.–053.6

А.Я. Гринечко

Особливості самовизначення тривожних підлітків

In the article the problem of dependence is probed between the phenomena of self-determination and anxiety in the environment of schoolboys teenagers. The analysis of formed of personality self-determination is pointed for children with the different level of display of anxiety. Empiric probed the phenomenon a personality, situation, school anxiety, personality identity, values and valued motivational types for the schoolboys of teens. An accent is put on the characteristic levels of becoming of identity and formed of personality values for teenagers with the enhanceable level of anxiety.

Key words: personality anxiety, situation anxiety, school fears, personality self-determination, diffuse identity, moratorium of identity, a positive identity, false positive identity, terminal values, instrumental values.


UDC 159.922

Г.В. Грищенко

Психофізіологічна комп’ютерна діагностика в процесі збереження психічного та фізичного здоров’я

The issue is devoted to the problems of theoretical aspects of saving mental and physical individual’s health. The author’s model of uniting a computer complex of psychophysiological diagnostics is introduced by computer techniques.

Key words: mental and physical health, personality, psychophysiological diagnostic, gas discharge visualization, Longitude.


UDC 371.044+371.398

О.М. Гріньова

Проблема характеру в українській та зарубіжній психології (теоретичний аспект)

Questions of schoolchildren character’s forming in ukrainian and foreign scientist’s investigations are researched in this article. The results of term’s “Character” content’s, special features of character’s development and some other mental phenomenas (personality, temperament, volition etc.) theoretical analisys are represented. Scientist’s approaches to the problems of determiners, correlation of individual and typical, general and special in character’s structure, typologies of character in ukrainian and foreign psychologist’s works , dynamics of character’s genesis, including voluntary and moral qualities in junior school, adolescent, elder school ages are represented in this article.

Key words: character, personality, school age, accentuations, voluntary capabilities, moral capabilities, character’s typology, character’s structure.


UDC 159.944.4

Т.В. Грубі

Методи профілактики та синдром “професійного вигорання” в професійній діяльності працівників державної податкової служби України

In the article author made an attempt to expose the main methods of preventive measures of the syndrome of the “professional burn out” of State tax-service employees. Basic directions of preventive measures of professional burn out syndrome are considered. Such methods of preventive measures as: “Removal”, “Scanning”, “Visualization”, “Tactic changing”, “Magic look”, “Upsetting opponent’s equanimity”, “Condole with opponent”, “Method of wonderful listener”, “Did I understand you correctly?”, “Talk with a friend”, “Comment”, “Level of happiness”, “Center of the rest”, “How to put youself in good spirits for 1 minute”, “Study to smell roses”, “Selective perception” are exposed.

Key words: preventive measures, method, syndrome of the “professional burn out”, State tax service employees, State tax service of Ukraine.


UDC 616.89

В.В. Грубляк, В.Т. Грубляк

Практичне застосування методик оцінки когнітивної недостатності та психічного статусу

In literature it is possible to find pointing about the generous amount of tests, questionnaires and scales which are used for an exposure and estimation of сognitive violations. However for the receipt of base information about mental states in times of more short it is necessary to have a specialist the set of tests is certain in the arsenal. At a necessity in the deep study of cognitive functions it is expedient to execute him jointly with a clinical psychologist or neuropsychologist, applying methods which were well proved itself in international practice. One of such methods which allow to get the necessary and sufficient for clinical practice volume of information about cognitive violations is a scale of MMSE and Visual Retention Test of Benton. The estimation of mental condition must include for itself researches of feelings and perception, memory, thought and intellect, emotional and motive volitional sphere.

Key words: cognitive violations, psychical status, scale of MMSE, Visual Retention Test of Benton


UDC 159.922.8

І.А. Гуляс

Життєва перспектива особистості як предмет теоретико–методологічного аналізу

The article deals with very topical and important issue – term life personality, under which understand the complete picture of the future, which is formed in a complex relationship expected and planned events. Specified in the unity of the phenomenon considered value semantic and organizational aspects and activity, where activity is essential personality, conscious and realistic attitude to the construction plans for the future. Noted that the prospect of life closely associated with psychological past and present identity as formed on the background of past achievements, on the one hand, and sets the basic guidelines of human activity – on the other.

Key words: life perspective, life goals, plans, programs, value orientations.


UDC 159.91

О.В. Гурова

Вивчення внутрішньоособистісної конфліктності школярів на фоні психічних порушень

The paper presents the characteristics of intrapersonal conflict on the school background of mental disorders. A psychological concept of intrapersonal conflict school and how its implementation. Presented is the intrapersonal conflicts in neuroses, outlined ways of overcoming it. Pointed out in an increased susceptibility to the development of neuroses psychopathic personalities. Neurotic development of the individual contribute to feelings of alienation, hostility, fear, doubt in his abilities and so on.

Key words: psychological correction, psychodiagnostic, medical psychologist, intrapersonal conflict, mental disorders.


UDC 159.923.2051

Н.М. Дідик

Психолого–дидактичні засоби розвитку професійно значущих характеристик особистісної зрілості майбутніх психологів

In the article psychological and didactics facilities of development professionally of meaningful descriptions of personality maturity are analysed for students straight preparations “Psychology”. Methodical recommendations are given for the increase of efficiency of professional preparation of future psychologists. Grounded own experience of development professionally of meaningful descriptions of personality maturity of future psychologists.

Key words: personality maturity, future psychologist, workshop, active socialpsychological studies, akmeological technologies, psychological didactics facilities, arttherapy, problem studies, training.


UDC 159.923.2

А.C. Доброскок

Сучасні підходи до розвитку й формування професіоналізму практичного психолога

The article describes current views on the development and formation of a professional psychology practitioner in the traditional and modern psychological science.

Key words: professionalism, professional assignments, competence, mastery, self fulfilment.


UDC 631.15: 378

Л.В. Долинська

Розвиток здатності до самоуправління як механізму особистісно–професійного становлення вчителя

In this article analyzes the problem of capacity for self-government as a mechanism for pupil teacher professional development: the concept of “personal professional growth” and traces its connection with the ability of teachers to government, revealed the essence of psychological concepts of “personality change”, “personal growth”, their types and conditions of development. Experimentally proved that the development of students’ ability to self-actualizing their personal professional growth.

Key words: personal change, personal growth, personal professional growth, self, personal professional development, the future teacher.


UDC 159.922.72

С.В. Дорофей

Особливості оволодіння молодшими школярами прийомами розумової діяльності

In the article the problem of features of capture the receptions of intellection is presented by junior schoolchildren. The results of researches of development of mental actions (analysis, internal plan of actions, reflection) are generalized in the process of educational activity of home scientists. Dependence of capture the receptions of intellection is reasonable by junior schoolchildren from the specially organized developing studies, that, undoubtedly, creates more wide possibilities for psychical development and use of mental potential of junior schoolchildren.

Key words: mental actions, analysis, internal plan of actions, reflection, developing studies.


UDC 159.946.3

Т.В. Дуткевич, Т.А. Панчишина

Особливості ставлення до вивчення іноземної мови та його формування у студентів аграрних спеціальностей

Students attitudes towards the learning is the main factor of this process. Analysis of students attitudes towards studying of foreign languages revealed its three types. The acceptive attitude (19,4% of students) has such indicators as high academic success, satisfaction, independence and creativeness while studying.. The refusive attitude (42,8% of students) has such indicators as low academic success, dissatisfaction and dependence while studying of foreign languages. The іndefinite attitude (37,8% of students) has the features of acceptive and refusive types of attitudes and depend on circumstances. The best type of students attitude towards studying of foreign languages regarding the academic success is acceptive attitude.

Key words: attitudes, motive, studying, acceptive, refusive, іndefinite types of attitude.


UDC 159.9(075.8)

Т.В. Дуткевич, О.В. Савицька

Психологічний супровід професійної діяльності викладача вищої школи (з досвіду роботи соціально– психологічної служби університету)

There are the analysis of experience of psychological convey of lecturer’s professional activity. The goal of social and psychological service activity at university is to give psychological convey for process of high educated specialists university preparing, to maintain of psychological assistance for all participants of educational process, to make practical implement of accumulated scientific and practical information, to generalize, to systematize and to expand of psychological knowledge among lecturers and students. The psychological convey of professional adaptation of young lecturers and development of relations between lecturers and students has the positive results.

Key words: social and psychological service, psychological convey, professional activity, important professional fetchers.


UDC 372.013.4:159.9

О.О. Жигайло

Психологопедагогічні аспекти формування креативного мислення дітей молодшого шкільного віку

The article explores the psychological and pedagogical features of creative thinking elementary school. The basic principles of creative education at primary school facilities for their creative development. Described aspects of the creative potential of primary school age, concludes with recommendations for stimulating the creative thinking of younger schoolchildren. Key words: creative thinking, elementary school children, creative development, creativity.


UDC 159.922.7(043.3)

О.Я. Жизномірська

Особливості форм самоствердження у молодших та старших підлітків

The article is devoted to the research varied forms and means of self-affirmation a teenager and analyse changing vital values in the social surroundings.

Key words: self-affirmation of a teenager, self-disclosure, self-value, self-realization, constructive forms of self-affirmation, destructive forms of self-affirmation, positive means of self-affirmation, negative means of self-affirmation.


UDC 159.923.2 : 378.4

Л.І. Іванцев, Н.І. Іванцев

Особливості і типологія динаміки ціннісних уподобань у свідомості сучасної студентської молоді

The article deals with the distinctive features of students’ vaiue orientation dynamics. The paper highlights the structure ahd dynamics of essential features of the student’s personal value sphere, it grounds the determination of the feature mentioned, the model being viewed as based on the theory of special identity and activity mediated development of the personality. The author singles out and analyses the basic factors which determine the peculiarities and intergroup differences of value orientation dynamics. The connection between students’ value orientation dynamics and the dynamics of their professional and personal identity development has been established.

Key words: vaiue orientation, social identity, group belonging, identification, purpose/directions, attribution, subject.


UDC 159.923.5

А.А. Иванченко

Духовность как стартовый плацдарм для развития креативности личности

This paper is devoted to the study of psychologic substance of the spirituality and its energy influence on the psycho-somatic stability of the person’s organism. It is shown that the spirituality provides a stimulative energy filling and contributes to the creativity development. The prestigiousness increase of the aspiration to the spiritual growth among the young people is stated.

Key words: spirituality, creativity, energy influence, disposition for the spirituality, psycho-physiological resistibility of the organism.


UDC 159.9

В.В. Іванченко

Особливості психодіагностики сформованості ціннісних орієнтацій старших гімназистів

The peculiarities of formation of psychodiagnostic value orientations of senior school students. Brief analysis of psychodiagnostic methods commonly used domestic and foreign psychologists, allowing seniors to identify core values and their life’s direction.Thesis on the analysis of philosophical and historical, psychological and educational research significance of the formation of valuable nature gymnasium. The essence of such basic concepts as gymnasium, terminal and instrumental values, values, psychodiagnostic.

Key words: values, values, gymnasium, psychodiagnostic.


UDC 159.922.7

О.В. Ігнатенко

Психологічні особливості формування елементів особистісного рівня репродуктивної установки у юнаків та дівчат

In the article analyzes the formation of the elements of the personal level of reproductive attitudes of young people’s; The socio psychological problem of conscious parenting today’s youth in Ukraine; In article presents the technique and the psychological analysis of the forming experiment.

Key words: “conscious parenting”, “reproductive attitudes”, “adolescence”, “forming the experiment”.


UDC: 159. 923. 2: 316. 61

О.В. Іщук

Усвідомлення ідентичності як чинник успішної соціалізації

In the article considered the problems of identity and personality of successful socialization. Highlights the phenomenon of identity as a broad concept that includes all the qualities of personality combinations that caused a large number of biological, social, psychological, cultural factors, and why awareness of their own identity serves as a factor in the successful socialization. The article presents a theoretical analysis of problems of identity, analyzed species, the levels and types of personal identity, affecting the socialization process rights. Also featuring work on the synthesis of modern research the phenomenon of socialization, its levels, tasks, besides, there are well founded analysis of the relationship awareness of identity and of successful socialization.

Key words: identity, identification, socialization, adaptation, self-categorization, self-identification, social behavior, the interiorization, the agents of socialization, society.


UDC 159.9

Т.В. Каменєва

Розвиток професійного мовлення психолога і формування особистості. Чи пов’язуються ці процеси автоматично?

The author studies the problem of speech development and personal development in the process of studies in the University.

Key words: personal development, professional speech of psychologists, speech abilities.


UDC. 159.923

Я.Ю. Каплуненко

Розвиток соціального інтелекту як чинник успішної соціалізації особистості

The article is devoted to studying social intelligence in the context of socialization. Based on theoretical analysis of the interrelation and mutual influence of social intelligence and socialization, describes the theoretical background and ways to optimize the process of socialization through the formation of social intelligence. The article deals with socio psychological nature of the concept of personality socialization, describes the different points of view regarding the concept of “social intelligence” and its components as targets of empirical research and developing guidelines for its formation.

Key words: social intelligence, socialization, social adaptation.


UDC 37.015.3:159.922.8

О.Д. Карнюхіна

Вивчення проявів самопрезентації особистості в товариських і дружніх стосунках у процесі саморозкриття в ранньому юнацькому віці

The article presents the results of empirical research of psychological features of self-presentation in a business and friendly relations in the process of self-disclosure. The significance of the cognitive criteria and indicators of self-disclosure in a business and friendly relations in early adolescence is grounded. The psychological characteristics of the capacity for self-presentation in high school is analyzed.

Key words: self-disclosure, self-presentation, business and friendly relations, early adolescence.


UDC 159.942.5:61

Т.А. Каткова

Вплив стресового стану та емоційного вигорання на розвиток особистості викладача

In article the problem of emotional burning out as stress that influences development of the person of the teacher is considered. The analysis of features of a syndrome of “emotional burning out” is in details presented, the attention is focused on its occurrence at the modern teacher in the course of its professional work. In article the teoretiko methodological analysis of the modern domestic and foreign literature on a problem of emotional burning out of the person in the course of labor activity also is presented. Level of emotional burning out at educators is defined. Components of emotional burning out of teachers are characterized. The burning out phenomenon is experimentally investigated, methodical recommendations concerning preventive actions with teachers who worry emotional discomfort on a workplace are developed. Prospects of the further work are outlined.

Key words: stress, working stress, a syndrome of burning out, the teacher, professional work.


UDC 159.9.07+ 159.943.8+ 159.942.32+ 616005+ 616.1/.9

І.А. Коваль

Готовність до ризику як комплексний механізм зменшення внутрішньої напруги у соматичних хворих

Was held a research to detect the links between readiness for risk and personality compensation, determination of internal factors that influence the formation of harmonious in somatic patients. The studying the ways of person’s interaction with the environment and mechanisms of compensation gives almost unlimited possibilities of correction and treatment of somatic patients with the most effective and rapid ways. Achieving the internal dynamic peace is an important element of healthy, active and socially adapted person. Willingness to risk is a high degree of mastery of complex activities that is necessary to maintain motivation structure of identity and self-esteem.

Key words: adaptation, readiness for risk, somatic patients, harmonious personality.


UDC 159.922.2

І.О. Корнієнко

Аналіз соціально–психологічних аспектів життєвого простору особистості

The content of the person’s vital space concept is reviewed in the article. The situational context of person’s behaviour, its corporal space are covered by the article. It is proved that in measurement system of spatial structures of life it is necessary to include values and valuable orientations which make the identification space of the person except the spatial organization and a corporality. Processes of transformation of potential sense of vital space into actual are considered.

Key words: vital space, identification space, household space, designing, a corporality.


UDC 37.011.3051:316.61

М.О. Коць

Структурно-функціональна модель розгортання процесу педагогічної взаємодії майбутнього вчителя

The article presents the author’s structural functional model of the deployment process of pedagogical interaction of future teachers, which allowed to determine factors that reflect the situation of preparation and content of subsequent future professional activity.

Key words: subjectivity, future teachers, dialogue, humanism, teaching interactio.


UDC 159:81”253057.875

О.С. Кочубей

Психологічні засади організації усної перекладацької діяльності студентів– філологів

The idea of the article is grounded deeply in the studies of forming of qualification of an interpreter. The article is devoted to the problems of linguistic personality, to the methods of upbringing of its qualities, the first and foremost of these being the competence in styles, genres of the speech. The rhetoric of the theory of education is discussed in connection of molding the linguistic personality.

Key words: translation, psychological methods, text, competence, sub competence, perception, listening comprehension.


UDC 159.9:34.01

О.І. Кудерміна

Психологічні особливості професійного спілкування суб’єктів правоохоронної діяльності

Article analyzes problems of psychological features of professional communication of policemen. The carried out theoretical analysis has allowed to define substantive provisions of psychology of communication and legal psychology which should be used in process the complex approach to the given problematics. The place and a role of professional communication of the policeman in the course of the decision by it of tasks of law enforcement activity is defined.

Key words: professional communication, professional interaction, law enforcement activity, the subject of activity.


UDC 159.922.7:058.862

М.М. Кулеша-Любінець

Психологічні аспекти міжособистісних взаємин педагогів та вихованців в умовах закладів інтернатного типу

The article analyses psychological features of interpersonal relations of teachers and children in the boarding schools. Besides, the peculiarities of emotionally deprivation of children from boarding schools were examined and its impact on the personal development of a child. It is stated in the research that there is an important realization of Trustees and educational functions of the boarding school in the interpersonal relations of teachers and pupils. One way of achieving this function is emotionally rich and friendly communication of teachers with pupils from state educational institutions that is carried out in the form of subject subjective relations.

Key words: social orphans, emotional deprivation, institutionalization, boarding school, relationships in the teacher-pupil form.


UDC 159; 615.851.1

С.І. Лазуренко

Можливості aутогенного відновлення психофізіологічного стану людини

The vital functions of man are related to emotional and psychical tension. One of effective methods of self-regulation, proceeding in the psychophysiological state, as bases for forming of motor options are the different types of the autogennoy training. It includes a few associate elements and after a capture it is possible successfully to carry out adjusting, proceeding in the psychical and physiology functions of organism by them.

Key words: the autogennaya training, renewal, psychophysiological state, adjusting of functions of organism.


UDC 37 : 159.942

В.Д. Лісіцин

Особливості та стрес–фактори професійного становлення учнів ПТНЗ

In the article the features of professional and personality development of students are analyzed in the process of receipt by them educations in the profile schools. The external and internal factors of choice are examined by a young man in quality the place of studies of profile schools, the psychological and social factors of stress states are analyzed, in particular influence of educational process as to a stress factor on personality of student, intercommunications are traced between the separate factors of stresses.

Key words: stress, distress, stress factor, professional studies, professional becoming, professional choice, academic overload, educational success.


UDC 159. 922. 763

І.М. Лисенко

Специфіка життєвого самовизначення підлітків з делінквентною поведінкою

In the article the study of features of vital self-determination of teenagers is carried out with delinquentis behavior. The system of correction developing measures is worked out on his activation.

Key words: vital self-determination, delinquentis behavior of teenagers, correction developing measures, activation of development of vital reference points.


UDC: 316.614053.6

Д.В. Логвінова

Гендерні особливості соціально– психологічної адаптації у старшому підлітковому віці

This article analyses some questions of the theoretical and experimental order according to the social adaptation of the senior teenagers. Our research was connected with features of adaptable processes. We connected features of formation of gender identity, with preferences in a choice of the koping stressful strategy used in the course of adaptation.

Key words: socially psychological adaptation, a gender, gender identity, masculinity, feminity.


UDC 152. 27: 34

Н.М. Лук’яненко

Теоретичні підходи щодо вивчення проблеми формування особистості бездоглядного підлітка

Basic theoretical conceptions are considered in foreign and domestic literature, in relation to forming of personality of teenager. The basic features of personality of development of child are selected in teens. Essence of concepts parts and exposed: to “put streets”, “child’s neglect” and “child’s homelessness”.

Key words: adolescent, adolescence, personality structure, teenage homelessness.


UDC 159.923.2

О.В. Магдич

Функційні особливості принципу задоволення і принципу реальності та їх роль у соціальній активності особистості

The article analyzes the opinions on the views of socialization in different scientific paradigms. Deals with functionality and features of the principle of pleasure principle in mental reality of the subject. Particular emphasis is placed on interpretation in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic paradigms phenomenon of socialization, the role of pleasure and reality principles in the social activity of the person. The comparative analysis of “personal development” and “education” and differentiated them similar and different characteristics in terms of socialization. Characterized the relationship of antisocial behavior momentary pleasure and dominance principles of reality. There are spheres of manifestation and specificity of these principles in the social behavior of the subject. The attention to the contradictory nature of mental functioning and dragging energy principles and reality meet. Investigated the origins of infantilism, unconstructive use of internal energy has a negative impact on socialization in general. Outlined psychocorrective features work by ASPE to help reduce internal stresses, expansion prospects for self-actualization and effective socialization of the individual.

Key words: the principle of reality, the principle of pleasure, innertension, social activity personal, social, conscious, unconscious, infantilism, mental energy.


UDC. 159.9:61+159.97

К.С. Максименко

Сутність багаторівневої детермінації психічних станів

In the article essence and going was reflected near the study of problem of determinacii of mental conditions in the context of existence of personality. Implicitly, mental conditions closely pov’yazani with the individual features of personality.

Key words: mental conditions, determinaciya of mental conditions, becoming of personality, psychological concepts: spoluchal’nist’, “functional circle of experiencing”, discrete penetrable act.


UDC 159.9:378

Н.П. Максимчук

Професійні ціннісні орієнтації майбутнього вчителя в системі особистих ціннісних орієнтацій

In the article the importance of system engineering tasks and exercises designed to expand educational perestruktuvannya and values of future teachers. The results that indicate a special seminar participants awareness of their personal values and their correlation with the value orientation of the future teaching profession.

Key words: values, professional values, life values, professional and educational orientation, professional identity.


UDC 159.94:371.12

Т.М. Маланьїна

Особливості психологічного захисту вчителів при подоланні внутрішньоособистісних конфліктів

The article presents findings of specificity of overcoming intrapersonal conflicts by teachers. Revealed that teachers with intrapersonal conflicts are inclined to apply psychological defenses excessively. In addition to traditional forms, psychological defense mechanism can be manifested in reducing the importance of values and dysfunctional system of the inner self-delimitation, which limits the possibility of self-understanding.

Key words: intrapersonal conflict, to overcome the inner conflict, psychological defense, values, self-delimitation.


UDC 159.922.8

М.О. Марценюк

Проблеми надання психологічної допомоги в рамках психологічного консультування

The essence of the notion of psychological consulting in the contex of giving psychological help to a personality is disclosed in the article, preconditions and sources of coming into existance the professions directly belonging to the branch of giring psychological help are considered,the specific character and main problems of psychological consulting, its differese from other rinds of psychological help is outlined.

Key words: content of psychological help, the application of counseling, psychotherapy, approaches, the client, a psychologist and consultant.


UDC. 159. 922.73:504

Н.М. Матейко

Особливості збереження психічного здоров’я дітей в умовах екологічно забрудненого довкілля

This article deals with results of medical and psychological investigation of pupils which live in the territory of intensified radio ecological control, noticeable breaches in psycho-emotional sphere were revealed. The comparative investigation shows us the high level of emotional tensety. We found two as more often pathological forms of psychic indigestions and 1,5 as more often prepathological psychic deflection. The main direction of saving the pupils psychic health is to form the determine attitude of life, to the last and future, which creates the conditions of successful integration to the situation.

Key words: psychic health, radio ecological control, emotional tensety, pathological forms of psychic indigestions, prepathological psychic deflection.


UDC 159.923.2:37.032

О.І. Мешко

Ціннісно-смислове ставлення до професії у координатах розвитку професійно-педагогічної позиції особистості вчителя

The article deals with the peculiarities of the valued and significative teacher’s attitude toward the pedagogical profession and its place in the system of its sense and vital orientations. It is shown that the transformation of the valued and significative teacher’s attitude toward the pedagogical profession into the hierarchy components of the sense of life becomes an important factor and component of the professional and pedagogical position fulfilling it with the special maintenance and direction. It is demonstrated that the quality of the teacher’s personality formation and the successful self-realization in the pedagogical profession is determined by the actualization and the development of the professional and sense potential of the specialist on all stages of the becoming.

Key words: teacher’ personality, valued and significative teacher’s attitude toward the pedagogical profession, sense and vital orientations of teacher’ personality, professional and pedagogical position of personality.


UDC 159.944.4

А.В. Михальський, Ю.О. Царьов

Посттравматичний стресовий розлад: історичний огляд

The article describes the most common causes of PTSD, its epidemiology, phase flow, symptoms, theoretical premises doctrine of PTSD and its diagnostic criteria are given according of International classification of illnesses (ІСІ) 10. The author of an historical overview of learning problems PTSD, with special attention given to the impact of stress on military identity and its implications.

Key words: posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic neurosis, stress, traumatic events.


UDC 37.016:81028.31:159.923.2

С.А. Михальська

Особливості впливу комунікативно-мовленнєвого розвитку на формування особистості дошкільника

A communication speech component is an important characteristic of personality, because personality determines specificity through the implementation and inclusion of children in public relations. Personality pronounced phenomenon that manifests itself in communication with the surrounding people.

Key words: communication language development, personality, preschooler.


UDC 613.1

Ю.А. Михальська

Наукові підходи до поняття проблеми ставлення до здоров’я

Today’s life is connected with many dangers. One of them is a constant threat to its health, both physical and mental. Physical and mental health at all times been neskoromynuschoyu value for each individual, although in certain periods of history some societies, of course, lost or ignored the awareness of the real values of individual and public health, limited its declaration. Scientific interest in the mental attitude as a phenomenon has arisen as a result of attempts at understanding the observed regularity in the behavior of the individual. Attitude to their health is the internal mechanism of self-regulation.

Key words: attitude toward a health, health of man, healthy way of life, disease, psychical health.


UDC 159.9

І.Ю. Наконечний

Розвиток саморегуляції поведінки підлітків під час навчально–тренувальних занять панкратіоном

Conducted general description and analysis of self-regulation of behavior of teenagers and educational training process from a martial art – pankration. Certain fixed assets of influence on development of self-regulation and created system that promotes the level of self-regulation of behavior of teenagers during employments of pankration. By means of the psychological correction programs development of self-regulation of behavior of teenagers rose considerably, by confirmation what an increase of indexes of components of self-regulation is and it is well proven on the example of volitional self-regulation.

Key words: self-regulation, component, correction, pankration.


UDC 378.015.3:81»243

І.Л. Онуфрієва, Л.А. Онуфрієва

Психологічні особливості формування іншомовної комунікативної компетенції у студентів – майбутніх випускників немовних спеціальностей ВНЗ

The article deals with active methods of teaching foreign languages students vyshu linguistic specialties that contribute to the formation of foreign language communicative competence, increase academic motivation and promote professional and personal growth of students. Analysis of psychological features of communicative directed learning and its impact on cognitive motivation of students. Attempt to give the variant interpretations of the experience of foreign language teaching from a position of psychological features of speech competence of students of the future graduates linguistic specialties universities.

Key words: psychological features, formation, foreign language communicative competence, student, non linguistic specialty, communicative interaction.


UDC 378.016:159.9

Л.А. Онуфрієва

Проблема психологічної підготовки майбутніх педагогів

The formation of teacher’s professionalism of a new type stipulates the necessity of search and grounds of ways, factors and conditions which would provide more effective psychological influence upon the professional training of a future teacher. The formation of a future teacher’s personality is envisaged as a durable and step by step process that is secured with the combination of psychological and pedagogical course with using of active forms of teaching, attracting students into scientific and research work, taking part in the social work that will give an opportunity to overcome the problem of psychological training of future teachers.

Key words: psychological training, professionalism, future teachers, professional training, formation of personality, studying, development, abilities, skills.


UDC 159.9.07:37.011.3051

Л.А. Онуфрієва, С.О. Ренке

Конфліктна компетентність як складова комунікативної компетентності

The article examines basic concepts such as: conflict, competence, communicativeness and conflict competence, as a constituent of com municative competence. The row of looks of different scientists, which in accordance with the structure of society distributed the study of conflict, is examined, as co operations above all things. Basic factors which cause conflict co operation between oponents are also selected. A conflict competence is distributed on two level – which in what in a process conduce aims to the general, unique and optimum achievement, namely to the compromise.

Key words: concept, conflict, conflict, communicativeness, competence, structure, mutual relations, approach, phenomenon, research, look, structure, factor, appearance, result, personality, conduct, adaptation, compromise.


UDC 37.015.3:15.9.07

С.О. Ренке

Компетентність як предмет наукового аналізу

The article examines a concept “Competence”, as article of scientific analysis of different psychological schools and directions. Especially comparing two basic psychological schools American and Russian; their approaches, looks and analysis of concept on a detail. These schools divide a competence on a variety – by appearance activity and cooperation and ob’edenyayut in two large groups. Such concept, as “social competence”, is especially selected – and its values in life of everybody in general.

Key words: competence, analysis, psychological approach, interpretation, trade, concept, knowledge, ability, habits, development, intellect, personality, intercourse.


UDC 159. 943

Р.Т. Сімко

Психологічна підготовка і готовність працівників патрульно–постової служби міліції до професійної діяльності

The article demonstrates the specificity of professional and related psychological training of patrol militia service to perform its duties. These stages of future law enforcement officers to serve in law enforcement bodies. The general characteristics of psychological factors and pedagogical to the profession. The attention on the formation of psychological readiness of employees of the patrol militia service. The external and internal to the subject of the preparedness activities.

Key words: psychological training, professional activities, professional commitment, personality, law enforcement, patrol service.


UDC 37.091.31059.1

Л.П. Скорич

Вивчення особливостей переживань старшокласниками своїх взаємовідносин із учителями

In the article grounded a necessity of study of position of students is in relation to the problem of individual approach. An author analyses the features of experiencing the senior pupils of the relationships with teachers, lights up the results of study of types of mutual relations between the subjects of educational activity and level of satisfaction students by the real relationships with teachers.

Key words: individual approach, mutual relations between the subjects of educational activity, types of mutual relations


UDC 159.923.2 – 057, 875

Н.В. Старинская, О.Г. Солодухова

Проблема самоактуализации личности студентов

The article deals with the main peculiarities and the indexes of students’ self-actualization in the process of education in a higher educational institution; the methods of influence a student, which promote students’ self-actualization and opening potential opportunities are under consideration.

Key words: self-actualization, students’ self-actualization, social psychological adaptation, creativity, reflection, self-intelligence.


UDC 152.2

Є.В. Тополов

Акмеологічні особливості прояву чинників професійної агресивності особистості

The article contends author’s results of empirical researches, which determine of personality professional aggressiveness features’.

Key words: aggression, professional aggression, genesis of aggression.


UDC 159.96

А.М. Шевчук

Ціннісно-смислові орієнтації особистості як фактор переживання наслідків психічної травми

The paper considers the problem of the person’s experiencing the effects of an emergency. Analyzed the main approaches to the problem of value orientations in modern psychology and the role of value semantic structures of personality in the mechanisms of effects of experiencing psychotraumatic situation. The relation between mental disorders and personality of crisis with the characteristics of its value sense orientation. The results of study of value semantic sphere and hierarchy of values in individuals affected by the emergency.

Key words: trauma, stress, injuries, emergency situation, valued sense sphere.


UDC: 155.413+303.32+305.235

Ван Джун

Психологічні відмінності молодшого школяра та молодшого підлітка на певному етапі соціалізації

In the article the analysis of psychological differences of junior schoolboy and junior teenager is presented on the stage of socializa tion. It is set that a junior juvenile period (junior schoolboys 10-12 years) is most favorable for forming positive, personality oriented pro cess of socialization.

Key words: psychological differences, elementary school children, adolescent socialization.