Reviewing procedure of the articles:

1. «Problems of modern psychology» is a reviewed collection of research papers.
2. Editors use a double-blind review procedure, where reviewers and authors do not know each other’s identity.
3. After a preliminary internal review, articles are sent to two external reviewers, who are subject specialists. In case of lack of consensus between the two reviewers concerning publication permission, editors summon a third reviewer.
4. After receiving a filled review form, the included notes are sent the author of the article.
5. When the article is granted the publication permission at «Problems of modern psychology», the authors are asked to include the reviewers’ correction, and comment on the review in writing.
6. If the author does not agree with some of the corrections, their justification is consulted with the reviewer who has proposed them. In justified cases a third reviewer could be asked for consultation.
7. A list of reviewers cooperating with the collection of research papers «Problems of modern psychology» is published in the edition and on our website.
8. Reviews have a written form, the originals are stored in the archives.

To counteract «ghostwriting» and «guest authorship», we ask authors to: 

• reveal their contribution to the article and the institutional affiliation of all authors who participate in the publication;
• indicate information about the sources found for submitted publication, contribution of scientific and research institution, or other institutions;
• sign a declaration of copyright which will be sent to those authors whose articles are accepted;
• any indication of plagiarism, or braking conditions of copyright, will be exposed by the editorial team to the institutions involved.